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Everything posted by jurian123

  1. Ok i am dutch maybe its cheaper out here. but i would go for the cheaper one.
  2. Where are you buying this man, they overprice it.
  3. I dont have any storage probs i have a nas with 10TB. and a otherone comming soon with also 10TB
  4. And why would you not go for a Nvidea card? The gtx 780 is cooler (temps)
  5. They are the same (not by coolers), i would go for the cheaper one.
  6. Yeah that is the prob. So downscale it to 1080p
  7. Whait what, eeh what did i miss.
  8. So no its not a defective problem. After the raw footage you must edit it. in Sony vegas or premiere. For gameplay vids its recommended that you have a large HDD.
  9. The tv its res, dont use the recommended.
  10. Een kommetje warme melk. In a notebook? Get a SSHD, that is a hybride. In a desktop SSD and HDD. SSD for boot and programs, HDD for games and your porn.
  11. Eeh dont think so. This cpu is for the chipset. Z97
  12. Yeah you could do it. Sapphire is also a great brand. Its silent. Same perf.
  13. Top rad is great use it indeed as a exhaust, but your rear use it as a intake fresh air to your rad. The rest is a great setup.
  14. Just a all in one or a custom build? Customs are better and you get more bang for you buck.
  15. 1.3 volts, what kind of cooling do you use man. Your cpu will overhead in secs.
  16. Lol i wanted to say bf4, but bf4 is bad. Bf3 is a good game.
  17. You dont get fresh air. You need more negative than positive airflow. Dust free. And use dust filters.
  18. Yeah i mean valve, but everyone knows steam. And not valve who are behind it.
  19. Yeah, steam is the winner though.