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Everything posted by jurian123

  1. I will recommend you to download all latest drivers.
  2. Okay, so in reality you shouldn't get it due you have a great system. Also you don't have any problems with other games. Its really tricky. And you have not OCed your system?
  3. Cri everytim. Well good vid anyway
  4. What is your current PC build? Have you OC'ed your pc? Your current ingame settings? This may help us. Also follow your topics so you dont miss anything
  5. r9 380 is the good one tbh you cant really compare the 980ti with the fury x due to HBM. Both cards are great. I like nvidia more because better drivers over the years. So no fanboy i looked at all options.
  6. A gtx 750ti is a very good option for you.
  7. Okay so, what is your current budget. So we can make another option for you.
  8. All things in IT are developing so fast. If you buy something in the store its old already. So not surprised
  9. Hey, First of all welcome to the forums. What is your current budget for a monitor?
  10. Hello guys, (If this self advertising pls let me know mods thanks ) We at BCL opened our signup again. Visit us at www.nordicleague.se Come and signup with your EU 8v8 team. We have divisions so you play against your own skill group. Come and stop by. If there are any questions ask them blow. Have a nice day! BCL admin
  11. Hey you can add me sadly still LE but i am legendary AWP guy. Also i know almost every smoke or flash aim is good enough. Ingame sense is good. Much to improve.
  12. Maybe i had very bad luck of the draw of getting that cpu.
  13. You have a license of one year. After that it wont be activated and you need to buy it again.
  14. max cpu temp was 83 on 100% artificial load voltage was around V 1.295
  15. I did but didnt help. That is why i have an other cpu now. It was just broken.
  16. Prime 95 uses more voltage than you actually give the CPU. So it was a hard lesson. AIDA64 all the way now
  17. Sad day in time. It started 1,5 years ago. We are arrived in a horrible situation. I started overclocking my new cool I5 4670k. With full hopes I started cracking the voltage up. The multiplier went to 44. I was so happy having a great OC. 4.4 is above average. The time went faster the clock went up. Restarted my PC and booted up into windows no problems temps were good. Downloaded PRIME 95 for stress testing the cpu for an artificial load. And my dreams shattered. The test was passed but in the mean while Prime 95 destroyed my cpu from the inside. Multi tasking was impossible. FPS
  18. No video from Linus. Te world ends. Everything is gone.
  19. The 960 will fill your needs. Save it up to buy a car