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  1. Dunno, you can also use toothpaste jk mate well both from artic with artic products you cant really go wrong.
  2. poke follow your topics so you can get a notification when someone answers it
  3. Welcome to the forums mate Follow this link this is towards a amd website.
  4. Ehm what is the reason you want to upgrade your system ? Save your money to get something else more important.
  5. I have since windows 7 no problems with BSOD's, freezes or other bugs. It is possible. But its just luck in one way on another.
  6. The service center will do the same process. Only the center will fix it and the emailers wont. GL my friend.
  7. I missed a option in the gpu section. QUADROS are much and much better than the GTX lineup. Also depends what you are looking for to do and what your budget is.
  8. WD Blacks are great. Samsung 850 EVO SSD are very very good. You also cant go wrong with a INTEL ssd,
  9. Water damage is most of the time not in the RMA policy. Just try it. Maybe you can get it anyway.
  10. Just buy the pc and format everything. And buy windows 10.
  11. Just a router with WAN connection
  12. Sup dudes, I am getting a upgrade in my interwebs next week and i want to have a router to work with it. What do you guys recommend? My network speed as advertised will be : 160 mbits down and 10 mbits up. Cable. Atm i have ADSL 16 mbits down and 0,7 mbits up My budget around 200-300€. Must haves: QoS Dual band or tri band 2,4 hz and 5Ghz Good range Maybe a alien UFO have fun searching Thanks in advance
  13. What was your process with overclocking? Programs voltage clocks.
  14. I am going to ask you is your cooler installed correctly?
  15. EVGA doesnt care, if you return the card if its broke. It needs to run on stock config. If you dont do that, you wont get a refund.
  16. Wat denk je van deze? https://www.alternate.nl/Corsair/AX760-Voeding-/html/product/1042242?tk=7&lk=9531 ez
  17. Dont feel safe with programs who will safe my passwords.