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  1. I know there is no inteference with onboard sound. Only with the discrete soundcard. Which makes that the problem. Yes i have those still connected.
  2. I have a stereo headset and a 5.1 speaker set. Both connected to the soundcard. Well the stereo headset is connected to the control box.
  3. Hey it doesnt change anything.
  4. Yes its the closest. To the psu atm. If i move it it will come closer to the gpu like 2 mm. I can try.
  5. Gpu top slot and sound card lowest slot
  6. May I remind you the buzzing sound doesn't occur when I am not playing any games. Which makes this problem just weirder any second.
  7. Currently routed the sound cables to another location. And it didnt make any difference. Inside my computer I took a molex connector from psu. This one isnt close too any other cables. Changing audio out doesnt seem to do anything. Also shutting off microphones doesnt do anything.
  8. When i put vsync on I get another buzzing sound.
  9. Vsync is indeed off. On all games i play.
  10. Its only when i play games. Listening to music and websurfing. Still doesnt occur.
  11. Great first question, but yes. The latest drivers from asus website.
  12. Hey, First of all I installed this soundcard a few days ago. It works fine. great sound etc. But when ever i startup a game it sounds buzzing and making weird sound noises. It also affects some other shit. My teamspeak becomes like super slow motion. Any idea how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
  13. Cuz why the hell not lol YOLO your system
  14. prob not no fear. You need a big BIOS hack and liquid nitrogen to cool that baby
  15. prob not lol Zombie = no ISP's = no Internet = no life = death
  16. Redtu.... youtube red i dont really care. I watch ltt always mobile so everyone else with ad blockerino
  17. Okay, so first make sure UPnP is enabled. Also make sure your computer has a static IP address. Than by virtual servers: Add new Configure the ports 80 Set the IP address. Click save. After 5 minutes restart your router/modem. Dont reset it! So all the configurations are saved and loaded. Should work now.
  18. Can you show me the tab of port triggering ?
  19. So screen size around 27 inch or do you want it to be higher ?
  20. wow not even port 80. Can you screenshot the portforwarding on your own router ? Block any other information like IP addresses.
  21. Black vs blues. You can go wrong with both imo