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  1. Dutch: "Ach ja beter dan vol prijs betalen. Als je hiervoor gaat test hem wel bij de gebruiker op werking."
  2. What i would do is reinstall the drivers again. And see if that fixes anything. For me that helped.
  3. I am afraid you have to go back to Windows 7 ultimate for that to work.
  4. 600 is more than enough for 2 960s. No problem.
  5. Of what are we speaking? Networks, computers, email?
  6. Medium/ultra in some games. Everything else should be cool
  7. Hmm until my virus scanner said: Venice unleased.exe trying to download "Trojandownloader" yes. Now not so much
  8. Okay let the card run on stock clocks for a while. Play a game. See how it goes.
  9. At the start i would only do gpu. Because that core clock is going up and down right?
  10. You can try to disable your OC. And work from there.
  11. Well at first I had. GPU 2x 6+2 pins Sound from psu a splitter 1 x 2 6+2 pins (which makes no sense at all) Now: Gpu: 1 x 6+2 and the splitter thing sound 1 x 6+2
  12. @SSL pls dont rate my cable job. I will fix that. i am just waiting for custom sleeved cables.
  13. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CZmXaGIWwAAkBVz.jpg:large
  14. It came with my psu. It gave way to much juice. So i currently use a single PCI cable that is shorter. And doesnt give it to much juice. I will make a picture. sec
  15. Solved. It was the splitter cable. No more buzzing sounds.
  16. Can you give us pictures and more info. About where it is installed etc.
  17. Could it be the psu cable. I have the a cable with 2 6+2 pins. Might that be a problem? cc @SSL
  18. I had that as same first. But that gave me tons of problems.
  19. What is your setup for your soundcard and gpu ?
  20. Temp fix. Using headphone out from my case. And mic input from my soundcard.
  21. Which actually means the soundcard is just not needed when you play games. Aka waste of money