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  1. sorry about that, i edited the Post accordingly, please tell me if something is still missing
  2. Problem of a friend: PC does not Post No power to peripherals All lights inside the PC seem to work like usual Every component seems to work fine, swaping them out did nothing. BIOS Battery is alright Thank you very much in advance Edit: all steps in the pinned Post have been taken, without results Parts: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Radeon RX 5700 XT ROG ROG Strix B450-F Gaming be quiet! Pure Power 11CM Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro OS: Win 10 Pro 64bit. BIOS: ?
  3. So, in most Laptops you have a mini pci-e port, in which the wlan adapter is plugged in. With an egpu Dock you can then connect a desktop grade graphics card to your system. But what if, you would have a craphics card in an mini pci-e format, which you could just plug in and game? in my opinion this should be possible, but with some searching i did not find a graphics card or any other product exept egpu docks... so do any of you know of an product or an project which comes as close as possible to this? -Tim (english is not my mouther tounge)
  4. Online I read that the Rog Strix Flare doesn’t work on PS4 so, I wanted to ask, if anyone knew, how to make it work. It can be also a solution like:use that and that adapter or something
  5. the back says it is a sony PCG-3J1M, also i found another code or something in the down right corner of the screen there it says: VGN-FW51JF
  6. It is a Sony something, I. Will write model number ect. When I am home again ( so in 2-3 hours )
  7. so, my Father gave me a broken Laptop this morning and just said: you can try to fix it. so i put a new SSD in, installed Windows 10 but, from the start on i saw that there where a blackscreen should be it was just was red and in almost every dark Color just turns in to red, also some blue tones turn into violet or Magenta or how you call it. yes, it isnt that bad, but still very annoying if you watch something dark or Play a game or stuff in hope, someone knows this error and i can fix it i post this, but if it is not repareable, well not good but ok the GPU is a
  8. can i simply say: this i3000 has a clock speed of x so i can run a gpu with y cuda cores or is it just impossible to tell if a cpu would bottleneck a gpu according to clock speeds or cores?
  9. I just was a little confused, what he ment with the device manager
  10. yeah, i could go to the device manager, but whould i see, that my cpu is bottlenecking my gpu?
  11. jeah, sure but how do i know of the specs of my cpu and gpu, if the cpu will bottleneck my gpu?
  12. So, its clear, that a core2 duo or a i3 will bottleneck a top GPU, but is there anyway to be sure, if my cpu will bottleneck my GPU? I mean, ist these a way, like looking at the clock speed, and if the clockspeed of the cpu is deeper, it will bottleneck my GPU I'm sorry, if this text is a little bit confusing, but i dont speak native english, so