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  • Birthday May 05, 1995

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    Computers, Electronic Games (mainly PC and Nintendo ones), Books, Music (mainly Metal) and food (be it cooking or eating or better both).
  • Occupation
    Computer Science Student


  • CPU
    Intel i5-2310
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte H61M-D2-B3
  • RAM
    2x4 Kingston RAM @ 1333MHz
  • GPU
    GTS 450 @ 2GB VRAM, 825MHz GClock, 700MHz MClock
  • Case
    Some low budget Cooler Master...
  • Storage
    Seagate HDD, 1TB, SATA III.
  • PSU
    Local manufacturer (I need a new one ASAP) @ 450Wats
  • Display(s)
    PHILIPS 1920x1080@60Hz w/1ms response time
  • Cooling
    Stock CPU/GPU coolers, one 140mm case fan.
  • Keyboard
    Stock Microsoft.
  • Mouse
    "Gaming" mouse from local manufacturer
  • Sound
    YAMAHA YST-M45D 2.0 Speakers
  1. I'd like a NUC. It's a NUC + CPU Kit, right? No RAM, storage device or OS is included.
  2. Ye, I'd love a free CPU. My old 3GHz i5 is starting to show its age.
  3. I like the backplates and how they keep the 3xDisplayPort. I could really use a new GPU. Still stuck with my GTS450...
  4. It was the PSU after all. I placed mine in the problematic PC and now it runs like a charm!
  5. Actually nothing run at even close to 60, but for the GPU, which reached a max of 69 on FurMark ~1hour in. And as I said, I tried my own HDD on the system, with my own installation of Windows, which runs perfectly and yet again the PC rebooted, so it's not an OS issue.
  6. "It did it when launching Skyrim, Portal2 and Hearthstone and did it while running TF2, Portal 2 (if it launches), Avast's scan, Defraggler and even Chrome!" It does so when stuff opens, or when it has been running for some time. The most I've got it running is Portal for ~15-20 minutes. It had no problem with Defraggler and Ccleaner on SafeMode, no problem with Avast's ScanOnStartup and no problem with MemTest, FurMark or Intel's Diagnostic Tool.
  7. So, I have a PC that restarts its self. A LOT. But I don't know why! It has been working ok-ish for ~4 years and this started 1 week ago. It presents me with a black screen, no warning, error or anything similar. Then it reboots. It did it when launching Skyrim, Portal2 and Hearthstone and did it while running TF2, Portal 2 (if it launches), Avast's scan, Defraggler and even Chrome! I've cleaned it and its temperatures, even under full load, staying bellow 80 (overastimated) 60 celcius, but for the GPU hitting a 68-69 on FurMark. I've uninstalled unwanted crap, ccleaned (+registry), defra
  8. First video of Jayz2Cents I ever saw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHQqpIEw7jk (Why I chose Ivy Bridge 3770k vs 4770k) Because of the Mouth/Core-Threads/Hands analogy, that I've use time and again on friends and family, to explain them Hyper Threading.
  9. It'll have to be later, as I'll soon need a new computer. Also it's less than a year old... Also also, as you might have noticed from my extremely warm reaction to the MotoE, I have a rather tight budget. Aaanyway, thanks a ton for the help! I'll give it some more thought and then I'll got get myself a new phone! (most likely the MotoE)
  10. Hmm. The E's battery is barely smaller than the G's. It also has a smaller screen with less pixels. Would the battery of the E, theoretically at least, last longer than the G's? As I said above, I have my Nexus 10 for more power hungry apps and multitasking, so battery life is more important than power and/or screen size/quality.
  11. I'd like to thank everyone for the replies! All I'll do on 3/4G would be checking my email and Tweeter, some chatting on FB/Steam, at most a bit of YouTube and Hearthstone (when it finally releases for Android), would the difference on 4G be noticeable? Does it support external memory? Beacause (I forgot to mention that) it'll also become my MP3 player. Also, after checking the MotoE, I don't think I need much more research. It's down to Moto E or Moto G (4G). Now, that's spot on for my price point! It has 2 SIMs which is useless to me, but the SD card sup
  12. Aren't its connection options tuned/limited for US only? 'Cause that's what the online shop says. (Unless I'm a complete idiot and don't understand what I'm reading.)
  13. After many years of use, my trusty Motorola Razr V3 died. So I guess, it's time to catch up with the future and get my self a smartphone. What I want is an Android phone, with good internet connection (4G?) and a price tag of 100-150 euros (~135-200 dollars). The main use it'll get is phone calls, texts and being used as an access point for my Nexus 10. I've been looking at the Nexus 4 and 5 (too pricey for my budget) and the Moto G (barely in my budget, as it's 200$, without the almost certain additional shipping and taxes). Taking in consideration the use I want it for, the price t
  14. The back buttons idea. I don't if I'll like them after all, but the idea is interesting.
  15. The screen, followed closely by the other outside parts (speakers,keyboard,connectors).