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  1. What feels bad is that I shared this thing on my facebook with about 200 friends and till now only 1 guy has shared it. Compare this with hundreds of share a typical "1 like/share = 1 pray for child / cancer / animal / tits / any other bullshit" .Most people are just not aware what this thing actually means and how it can affect them. They will get to know it only when they use Viber and find out that all their prepaid money (95% of India uses Prepad SIM) has gone.
  2. The thing is that if in India one data provider starts something, then all the other data proviers start doing that. It has happened that way in the past. I hope it doesn't happen this time.
  3. Guys, the Net Neutrality violations are now spreading to Indian Subcontinent as well. Airtel is introducing charges for apps using VOIP and government is trying to block porn access. There should be a way to stop this. HIghlights : We can’t call your friends and relatives in foreign countries for free. We can’t use Viber and other apps to stay in touch with friends. You need an extra recharge. We will have to pay Rs. 1.8 (3 US Cents) per minute to Rs. 4.5 (7 US Cents) per minute for voice calls on Skype. About $2 for HD Video Calls over IP. This is a gross violation of the principles of N
  4. I use Linux. It does not have viruses, so there is no chance of a virus and yes, there is no Antivirus hogging my RAM in the background.
  5. Am I the only one who still buys Wii just for the Mario franchise games. I cannot resist, both the price of Wii and the fun of the Mario games. I am primarily a PC gamer, but some Wii exclusives are the most fun to play.
  6. Most of the malware have been detected and patched at the very kernel level and any malware on Linux is useless unless it has the sudo or root password which only the user has access to. Linux is prone to viruses, but as like any other operating system, it isn't prone to stupid user mistakes.
  7. Use Linux. There is no such thing as Malware on Linux. Linux is completely secure and doesn't even need a fuckin' anti virus. And yes, none of the program that you install tries to install some toolbar or some free bloatware. If you want to be safe and avoid bloatware, then nothing beats Linux. Linux is only behind in gaming. I hope the day will come soon when Linux would end Microsoft's monopoly on gaming. GabeN believes this. So do we!
  8. As long as Gabe Newell is alive I am sure Steam would never screw with it's customers and we all can believe that Gabe would probably leave Steam is hands of someone not stupid enough to ruin it's whole reputation.
  9. Not everyone the f*ck uses Windows. We Linux users wants some good games too. Anyways a new platform yields a lot more money and Linux users actually do buy games at full price many times, so the profit per user is generally more with Linux. I believe they have their resources in the right place.
  10. With valve's aim towards bringing games to Linux, moving to OpenGL would not surprise me. Especially so that AMD, Nvidia and Intel collaborated together to reduce OpenGL overhead. Everyone is tired of Microsoft's monopoly in gaming industry.
  11. On games that run fine, you are looking at like 15-20% overhead because translating instructions from DirectX to OpenGL slows down things a bit.
  12. As long as they make decent phones, then they have all the right to make the profit. They have invested money and they are ought to make profit from it. Samsung was basically an appliance manufacturer but they made profit and now have expanded into virtually anything you could think of. They have expanded so much only and only because of the profits they make. So, they are not being greedy, they are doing business, making profits and growing their company and this is what any company should do and this is what all companies do. This is what every phone manufacturer does. I have a little bia
  13. If you don't like the phone, then you don't have to buy it. As simple as that. Only buy the phone that you want to. Let the companies do their work. The Galaxy S5 still costs the same as the S4 did at launch, so after a year, I would not mind a better hardware and a better display and some more things for the same price. That being said, again if you don't like it then you can just simply ignore it. Maybe it has no meaning for you, but maybe someone would find that device worth the price and he would go and buy it.
  14. He is right when he says that "The need for the terminal has been virtually eliminated.", but that being said, some tasks are still a lot more specific and faster when done from the Terminal. But even without Terminal, the average task is faster on Linux when compared to Windows, especially with awesome distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint. I believe that you should give Ubuntu a try, you will then know how easy it actually is. People need to remove their misconception about Linux being made for Terminal only which is of course not the case at all.