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  1. Hello people of the internet. So I run a twitch stream that requires me to pull a max of 4 screen displays with game play on them. So far we have used Discord to do this but as discord dosent support NDI as far as I know and cannot seperate each incoming stream into there own source properly (audio included for each source). We have also tried skype but the quality of the stream is to low. I was wondering if anyone know any softwere that is easy to set up on the streamers end that separates each stream into it's own source and can do this at an exceptionable video quality were you would
  2. Hi so I often have to click on my second monitor to assess windows like discord. However if I am in the middle of playing a Full screen game for whatever reason windows moves moves all my windows like discord to my primary monitor. Is there anyway to prevent windows moving my applications when I tab out of my game. Thank you for any help this is really annoying me.
  3. Hi does anyone know a free alternative to Adobe after effects that have a feature similar to keyframes. Thanks
  4. Hi I am looking for a cheep headset for under £25 (Maby a bit more). It needs sound good and have a good mic for its price. It also needs a separate aux cable for the headset and microphone Thanks
  5. Hi I am working on this application for the Oculus Go and I need a way to import the x, y and z rotation of the headset into my PC. Is there a way of doing this without using Unity or Unreal and directly importing the values live into a string. For example (Bad pseudocode) #Inport x, y and z into strings 60 times per second x = Import x y = import y z = import z
  6. So I own a gtx 660 and I am planning to buy a new gpu. I have 2 monitors whitch i game on 1. Is it worth keeping my old GPU just to run my second monitor and playing games purely on my main monitor with a new GPU? Thanks
  7. I am not sure if you have actually had a dedicated video for overclocking but I would love to see a tutural on basic overclocking
  8. Hi does anyone know the code to enter into the terminal to compleatly wipe all hard drives in Linux Including Linux itself Thanks
  9. Watch videos / Just regular web browsing and office work
  10. Hi I have a friend that wants to run video in 4k But only has a small budget. Dose anyone know a cheep GPU that could comfortably run 4k. Thanks (He dose not what it for gaming)
  11. In windows there should be a setting called display settings> system> display