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  1. I concur. I think you're right. The text is basically the same, but the English one you posted here is higher quality. But my main question still isn't answered to my satisfaction : Do we think this board would boot with an i7 5820k (or 2) – Haswell-E – since that is technically also x99 on a 2011-3? Anyone wants to wager a guess? It is slightly to expensive to just by it and try "for the lulz" for me. Greetings goldsteal
  2. Anyone who has experience with that board and can eleborate? Maybe I posted my question into the wrong subsection of the forums – in which case whoever can please feel free to move it... goldsteal
  3. So I murdered my beloved Asus x99-deluxe by apparently creating a short-circuit and – not specifically due to SARS-CoV-2019 btw. – am pretty much broke. This rearranged Dual CPU motherboard sounds like a fun alternative for me – I mean no WiFi/Bluetooth which sucks and no 2 LAN ports and shitty sound – since it would feel better than having to buy a weaker board than what I had in the beginning, without the coolness factor of an at least "kind-of-upgrade"... Now I have to figure out three things, that I can't find anywhere about this motherboard X99 Dual CPU Mot