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  1. So I installed Android x86 8.1 release 2, I can run many apps and games in it, But except for FPS games like Call of Duty Mobile because their is no key-mapper built-in, I tried to search online tremendously and can't find a single keymapper. Octopus does not work in Android x86 with all the FPS for some reason.. Can some help me with this problem?.
  2. Today I bought my mi-band 4, but The problem is that currently, I don't have access to any android device but just my Laptop, I really want to try out my mi-band 4 but there are no emulators that support Bluetooth...Later I tried Installing Android x86 (8.1) in Virtualbox, Got the VM successfully running but then I tried to install the mi-fit app but the app for some heck of a reason is not compatible with my Android x86 VM, I even side-loaded its APK from apkhere.com but it always crashed when every I load the app. There got to be some way I can use my mi-band 4 with my PC, right?
  3. Yes, I just found that out. But before for some reason, I thought my apps will be stored to my /home folder by default lol. But as you can see I said, I completely deleted my Linux partitions. They are no more. I'm gonna do a fresh installation. So I am asking, what should be the best and efficient way to use my 25GB partition and 300GB HDD partition? Should I do something during the Installations of my OS? or is there a setting in the App centre which allows you to do It, and I was blind and couldn't find it? is there a command where I should write before Installing apps from the ter
  4. My root partition is what I meant by my "Boot partition" My entire root folder was stored in my 25GB SSD partition. but only /home folder in my 300GB HDD.
  5. Hey, I'm new to Linux. The distro I chose is Linux Mint since it was the distro recommended for the first time users by everyone. I have a 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD and I'm running Windows as my main OS. I wanted to dual boot with Linux Mint, the recommended space for Linux Mint as it says is 25GB. Since I have like 40GB left in my boot drive (SSD) I made a partition of 25GB SSD and a 300Gb from my HDD since I thought I won't need too much space while I will be testing out the OS. I installed the / root directory to my 25GB SSD partition and /home to my 300 HDD partition, and it wor
  6. Yeah, I use 7zip extensively because it is faster and it works all the time. But the looks, icons or the theme in general looks horrible and ugly. How can I change it?
  7. By "Brand New" I mean actually brand new products unlike used. Not talking about how newly they were launched or something Note Fe will get the Android Pie. Very likely to after many huge leaks. But, yeah I think it will be the last Update 3 years for updates by Samsung are dope though. Thanks for your suggestions I was thinking to get Honor 10 too. The Note FE does have very good and Vibrant AMOLED screen and S-pen (which im not sure I would use) My friends Note FE did felt very premium at my hands. But Now I prefer The good changing looks in Honor 10 and the placement of the
  8. I would very highly recommend you the used market right now. It is GORGEOUS!! A freaking 1070 for $250!!
  9. sorry for replying you late. But I would ask you what would you pick personally?
  10. wow. That is the Perfect Build! @jsonschema Just Go with this if you are Into new Parts!. If you are Into the used Market you can get a Gtx 1070 or a 980ti for $200 at ebay. They are very Good for 1080p 144fps gaming in sports titles like Overwatch. But RX580 is good too for many Games at 1080 144ps like Csgo but It can also run games at 1440p 60fps!. In almost every Game. In non- competitive like Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) I would go for 1440p. Edit: Hm. The case in this list does not have a Front panel. You have like $20 dollars left and if you just spend $10 more Y
  11. I mean It is an Rx 570. Should go with a Different RAM and Mobo to get a RX580
  12. Hey Guys In my country I can get a Full Brand New Honor 10 for $320 but at a different store I saw I can also get a Brand New Galaxy Note FE for $346 Honor 10 has better Chipset and Better AI Camera. With a very Unquie and good looking Back. Galaxy Note FE will get Updates and feels Premium and also has the S-pen. And I find One Ui (That will come in the Note FE) to be Looking Good. And it is ip 68 while Honor to be ip 67. But in conclusion, what would you guys pick?
  13. Bro That is a very good one. But I bet they include mail-in rebates right?
  14. You want to go to the used market or new? Are you ok with used parts or new parts? I have a Good list for all of them.