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  1. Which ones? PayPal, Tesla, StarLink, SpaceX and now NeuroLink all groundbreaking and setting standards in their respective fields.
  2. Huh...interesting...seems like I might have found the cause of my wife S10+ crashing of several apps then, couldn't find anything online about it for the past days. What fixed it (temporarily) was completely cleaning the cache and storage of the application under settings, but would reoccur after 24-48 hours.
  3. Not really, if a corporation like Microsoft took over then its users would barely notice any difference and not migrate over the long term, after acquiring Skype people still used it for eons. A different situation was with Raidcall, which was heavily favored by most people that jumped ship off TeamSpeak and Ventrilo (if you didn't go for Mumble), Raidcall was bought off by some Russian group and turned into literal spyware with a massive UI change and people still used it for a long time before settling for Discord.
  4. $15-$20 tx fees? lol I'm a day trader at DEX's and the fee is usually at the 50-250 range, specially on volatile assets where you want to use the fastest tx preset to fight frontrunners.
  5. Was eagerly waiting for VIVOs response with the 888 since they like to use popup cameras, just to be disappointed to see they went with holepunch displays, another generation skipped.
  6. Holepunch display yet again? When will this meme end? Where is the popup camera which is a far superior option and isn't annoying to look at? Who cares about IP ratings? Nobody gave a damn for years, almost nobody ruined their phone with water damage, instead phones would get rekt by dropping it on the floor instead. Pulling this stat out of my ass, but I bet my whole living that 99% of phone failures for the past 20 years were NOT based on water damage. Without a front facing camera you can actually make the integrity of the whole screen a lot stronger, I refu
  7. Ah yes, the brilliant idea of writing down a private key on paper and then either lose it or misstype it. Would had been easier putting all private keys in separate text files and have those inside an encrypted container file which you can carry with you, back it up somewhere locally or even in the cloud, as a passphrase just use something that's identified to you but that isn't used online anywhere like FirstName_MotherMaidenName_BirthDate_LastName
  8. Breaking news, picture of hacker spotted Witness reported he identifies as Dungeon Master
  9. I don't get paid for enough to care about fixing it during my holidays, so yes, only after I'm back. The likelihood of anything happening is pretty low already, so I'm not going to bother until then.
  10. Nice...my whole company network has zyxel routers and switches deployed...fun day once im back from holidays.
  11. I've been Rocking the same Windows Install since 2007, was an XP, updated every time without formatting, migrated to new hardware whenever I made a new build, never had an issue and I hope it stays that way.
  12. Here is your complimentary post about notch and or Punch hole display, yep, not going to bother with this phone either.
  13. I wouldn't say it has better performance then, and instead say it has a more responsive GUI and OS in general. You can easily make Windows 10 incredibly fast by debloating it to run 20+ processes on boot instead of hundreds and with an SSD. At the end of the day ChromeOS is indeed great for those that only use WebApps and Browse around.
  14. Contents of the gnome is the only exemplar of the HL3 source code and all of its references.
  15. There is an easy solution, just don't buy them. Scalpers are a first world problem because people are actually impatient and stupid enough to buy those products for inflated prices, just like phones people gobbled nvidias 2xxx series or Apple and Samsung with their overpriced products. Consumer demand marks market price, if people are willing to pay for it, then the one you should be getting upset at are the ones enabling this behavior. Plenty of last gen products you can buy instead, if scalpers see their inventory spike and nobody buys them, then they start selling it b