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  1. Yeah, Would be great but the cables from the case fans aren’t long enough to reach the CHA_FAN2 and 3 Headers, I think the CHA_FAN2 Header and the AIO_PUMP header are combined into one as the AIO is plugged into something higher up. I think this because there is a four pin section and a five pin section (pictured) could I plug them both into that combined header? Also the orientation of the fans, should the fan on the back Intake slot be intake and the one on the top Goes out or should they both be out to counteract the fans by the radiator?
  2. Hey, I just bought a pre-built on sale but two of the case fans weren’t installed on the system. I have two 120mm fans left, there are 3 other fans installed by the radiator in the front of case. (I don’t know which way round is in or out but I’ve taken a picture). Where should I put the remaining two fans? Also where should I plug them in? I have pictured the motherboard layout from the manual and i think I should plug them in at CHA_FAN1 But I’m not quite sure. The fans use 4 Pin plugs. Thanks so much for your help. - Max
  3. The support for Nvidia drivers on linux has improved considerably since Linus Torvalds made his famous statement in 2012.
  4. It really doesn't matter what distribution you are using, to actually play the game. Linux is Linux at the level that are differences when playing games. You probably want a pretty intuitive distro when it comes to non-gaming though. If you've never tried linux before go with Kubuntu, stick with it for a few months and by that time you'll know what you want for yourself.
  5. Xeon E5-1620 16GB DDR3 128GB Sata SSD 2TB Hard Drive Nvidia Quadro 4000 2GB GDDR5 Hey, I’m looking to buy this system for £289 ( $355 ). I’m not familiar with Xeon Processors or Quadro Graphics Cards, If anyone could tell me wether this deal is decent or not, it would be much appreciated. - Max
  6. I Really think that with a budget of £125 Ebay is your best bet
  7. Hello, I have a spare Xbox One S at home and was thinking of upgrading from my older computer, I was wondering if anybody knew what Components of the Xbox I can upgrade and if Windows 10 will be compatible with the Xbox I appreciate your time - Max
  8. Thermal paste is really cheap and it really doesn’t seem worth it at expense of your cpu
  9. Try reinstalling a different version of Windows 10 eg. Windows 10 pro
  10. BoxGuardian

    New Budget M

    There was a LTT video on budget mics a cupple weeks ago
  11. Thank you, I think I will get 3 moderately priced monitors
  12. Does anyone know if ore where I can buy a liquid nitrogen CPU cooler
  13. Is it really better to get a small good monitor rather than 6 cheap budget monitors