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    KeyzHostHD reacted to LogicalDrm in Mass Loaded Vinyl   
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to camieabz in Recording PC Build   
    Cool. Reasoning for the 850w and mobo is tip top. If you can get a bargain, why not. ūüôā
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    KeyzHostHD got a reaction from HanZie82 in Recording PC Build   
    for the ssd recommendation, i agree didn't cross my mind, ill go for the Samsung 870 EVO SSD 500GB
    as for the psu i choose a 850 instead of 750 since the price difference is negligible 155.63$ --> 189.24$
    same with the motherboard for some weird reason the board i choose goes for 278$ while the wide variety of b550 go for 210-220$ and there is not any specific reason i choose it, just the first best thing i found
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to camieabz in Recording PC Build   
    - I would opt for an SSD over an HDD, if budget stretches to it. Either NVME or SATA, but the first is faster.
    - Not sure you need an X570 chipset. The B550 might be be enough. Any specific reasons for that motherboard / chipset?
    - 850w PSU is more than you need. 750 is easily enough, and 650w will probably work too, but ensure it's a top brand.
    For NVME, I suggest Adata SX8200 Pro, or Samsung products.
    For SATA, again Samsung, or Crucial MX range.
    Suggest 80+ Gold for PSU (or better), but might depend on your location.
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to StDragon in windows sometimes functionality stops working until reset   
    Per the SMART stats, the drive indeed looks healthy.
    As for the GPU, don't OC for now. Leave it at stock settings and see if there's an improvement.
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to RONOTHAN## in windows sometimes functionality stops working until reset   
    The chipset drivers will be under system devices. There is technically a way to do it that only removes settings and drivers, but I don't really trust it. I'd back up your files and apps to an external hard drive if you end up doing that
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to RONOTHAN## in windows sometimes functionality stops working until reset   
    It is a weird issue. First thing I would suspect is a bad driver. Try running something like DDU to uninstall the GPU driver, try uninstalling and reinstalling the chipset drivers, and do so with other drivers until it stops happening. If that doesn't work or you don't want to go through the hassle of tracking down the broken driver, reinstall Windows. This way you can eliminate any possible corrupt drivers and/or Windows files. If none of that works, it's a hardware issue. Based on how everything seems to freeze when you do something that requires 3D acceleration (Start menu, Alt-Tab, etc.) I'd suspect it's a bad GPU first. Good luck trying to figure it out though.
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    KeyzHostHD got a reaction from WereCat in Obs squishy effect help?   
    i've got the 2070 super but i dont expect to run games 4k with acceptable fps, i will be playing on 2560x1440p at most, atleast for fps games i will do exceptions for singleplayer games, but this should not be an issue in some times worth since i got a order for the 3090 i unfortunately picked the one with the least amount of stock the site i purchased from has had every single other type of 3090 restocked multiple times but not mine im so unlucky. and i will mess around with the edit you did, if i dont like the black bars, ill just settle on the 27" i was gonna get another 34" either way but i can settle on 27" for games and 34" for apps etc
    i already planned it, i will put my 34" one spot higher then the 27" if ill get it, like this

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    KeyzHostHD reacted to minibois in framerate   
    You would be able to see more up to date information and react upon that more up to date information, but of course I can't prove that will or will not improve your aim.
    3kliksphilip did a video on this subject, with CS:GO as its narrative.
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to minibois in framerate   
    Having more fps - regardless of the Hz of your monitor - will improve the frametimes and thus might make it so you have a more up to date from on your screen:

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    KeyzHostHD reacted to FakeKGB in framerate   
    All it does is make your GPU work harder - and thus produce more heat - for no benefit other than seeing a higher number for your FPS count.
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to Hyrogenes in framerate   
    The only benefit to higher fps is that the lows dont effect your framerate that much. I personally use a 144hz moniter but keep my frames capped at 150 in order to not abuse my gpu but also allow my fps tonever drop below my moniters rr
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to The Flying Sloth in paring shure sm7b with Zoom LiveTrak L-8   
    Let's start with a genuine question,
    Why would you want to do this? If your end goal is to have the mic signal in your computer just get an audio interface, 99% of the people on here using mixers should just be using interfaces (unless they are involved in podcasting or live music mixing).
    Phantom won't help the 7b since it is a dynamic microphone and it is notoriously difficult to drive, I might suggest taking a look at the Rode Podmic (much cheaper alternative if you're not singing with it or doing high end recording) or Aston Stealth which IMO is a much more versatile mic that just so happens to be cheaper and active so it is easier to drive. If you're certain you really want the mixer the Stealth will do just fine, the 7B on the other hand is looking for at least 60DB of gain so you might like to pair it with an inline preamp.
    For transparency's sake I dislike the 7B as I never was able to get it sounding as 'legendary' as the price would suggest in the studio, for a simar price I much prefer the Stealth and if I'm just podcasting/streaming a cheap mic like the Podmic would do just as good (though I already have my own setup and it includes none of these products).
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to Derkoli in paring shure sm7b with Zoom LiveTrak L-8   
    No need to spend that on an interface, unless you are needing something niche such as a tonne of inputs or a very high end bit of kit.
    I would take a look at a Motu M4. It measures excellently, has enough inputs for 2 microphones + 2 instruments. It also has balanced outputs if you're into that kinda thing.
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to Ar558a in just watched jayz video   
    I would always use two cables if you can...
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to Quackers101 in Looking For All Around Good RGB Fans   
    yes they should have both, think most common brand for PC fans do.
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to shaz2sxy in just watched jayz video   
    Can do but that depends on PSU wattage errors like this are usually software or something else 
    The 3070 and 3060ti Founders edition work on 1x 8pin to 12pin
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in just watched jayz video   
    And rtx 3000
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to SignatureSigner in Minecraft Server Build   
    Don't use Aternos if u want 24/7! Aternos hosts the server FOR you and there's a startup wait. Download the server files from the MC website and set it up on hardware. Aternos while 'free' is in my opinion hot garbage. You'll save yourself the hassle in the long run if you buy a quad-core i5/i7 4th gen and run the server ON the hardware. It's up to you but Aternos in my experience has been a laggy experience with minimal pros over the cons.
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to Admiral Breaker in Minecraft Server Build   
    It really depends, is this going to be a Vanilla Minecraft world or are you going to add Mods to it? (Like Feed the Beast). I would say you want something with an SSD, Quad Core CPU (does not really need hyper threading or SMT), and then 16-32GB of RAM. Then when you first configure the world, tell JAVA to use almost all of the RAM. When I hosted my minecraft server (peak 10 people on vanilla) I was running it off an AMD A10-5800K, with 22 GB of RAM (24GB was installed but 2GB dedicated to Video memory for my plex server). It ran perfectly smooth, until people started blowing stuff up with lots of TNT (we were testing the server) or if you were flying around in creative mode going over new areas. You will also need to get an IP. I used https://www.noip.com/, and I paid for I think a 2 or 3 year plan, very cost effective. 
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    KeyzHostHD got a reaction from Moonzy in Stutter and lag problems with good pc   
    thanks for trying to help tho
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    KeyzHostHD got a reaction from Moonzy in Stutter and lag problems with good pc   
    thanks this is pretty useful
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    KeyzHostHD got a reaction from GorujoCY in Stutter and lag problems with good pc   
    already tried that
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to TetraSky in Residue From Previous GPU But On New System   
    So it's a fresh OS ? You've formatted that SSD and never used it in the old PC? You didn't clone the OS at all?
    You mention "old drives". I'm guessing these are Storage drives? Meaning, the OS is not installed on them? Did you format them at all? Some system info may remain on them, but that usually doesn't contribute to any such error.
    It could also be totally unrelated to the GPU and the game simply picked any random GPU for it, which just so happened to be your old one. Or like Slottr said, maybe a cloud saved crash log, for some insane reason.
    You can try a few things : 
    1- Run DDU to reinstall the graphic drivers.
    2- Format your drives properly in the new system.
    3- Hope it doesn't happen again and do nothing.
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    KeyzHostHD reacted to Slottr in Residue From Previous GPU But On New System   
    They probably save crash log files to the cloud and it just transferred from your previous system.