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    AnirbanG007 got a reaction from RockSolid1106 in Premiere Pro or Kdenlive, Which is Easier?   
    Okay, I sure will give it a try. Thanks for taking the time to answer my queries.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Premiere Pro or Kdenlive, Which is Easier?   
    Just give it a try, Its free so no reason not to try.
    You can edit most h.264/h.265 in resolve, but Id probably suggest creating proxies/transcoding to prores or dnxhr with all editors if you have performance issues.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to jhon lee in Laptop Recommendation for my Best Friend   
    also i aggre inspiron looks best rn just make sure cooling is good.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Arika S in (PSA) A warning to YouTube creators, scammers have worked out an almost fool proof method of phishing your account   
    Holy shit, Jim Browning got hit? that must be some solid gold standard social engineering.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Chiyawa in Logitech F310 Gamepad Compatibility for Retro Gaming   
    Ah. Well, actually, after using XBox Series X/S controller, it is probably way better than than F310. My F310 died (the dongle, not the gamepad) and now it is a glorified paper weight. Also, after close to 2 years of usage, the rubber became sticky. Rumble (or vibration) is weak. LT and RT are very stiff. Too bad your budget is restricting you, otherwise I would strongly recommend the XBox Series X/S controller.
    XBox can use Bluetooth, the dedicated wireless dongle, or cable, means that if one is not really working, you can use other method. I actually use it in many devices including smart phone and laptops through Bluetooth (I have to re-pair them if I switch devices). As for desktop, I used cable (cheap USB-C to USB-A cable that support USB 2.0 interface will work).
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to LogicalDrm in Logitech F310 Gamepad Compatibility for Retro Gaming   
    It supports XInput after flip of the switch. So anything that has default key mapping for Xbox controllers will work.
    With Logitechs drivers and other software, you can tweak bindings even further.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to asdfety04 in Help figuring out to buy which is the best storage for its price. WD Blue SN 550 NVMe vs Samsung 980 NVMe vs Samsung 870 EVO SSD?   
    Alright, thanks for this short, brief and informative answer. I'll go with the SN 550.
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    AnirbanG007 got a reaction from asdfety04 in Help figuring out to buy which is the best storage for its price. WD Blue SN 550 NVMe vs Samsung 980 NVMe vs Samsung 870 EVO SSD?   
    Lemme do the honors of explaining it to you. 870 Evo is a SATA SSD, it's maximum theoretical transfer speed is 6gbps. On the other hand, the Samsung 980 and the sn550 are NVME SSD's. Basically they're way faster, especially if you're transferring huge files. Those are the big numbers you see on the advertisement pages. 3 GB/s etc etc...
    Here's where DRAM comes into play, it not only stores the map of where each and every file is located on the SSD, but it also acts as a buffer to store small incoming files (writing to the SSD) before they are stored on the NAND flash cells of the SSD. Having dram is useful, especially on a SATA SSD, but it's not the end of the world if you don't. DRAMless SSD's tend to experience a bit more slowdown as the drive gets filled up. You can still get great performance depending on other factors.
    Having said that, sn550 has been around for some time, and is one of the best ssd's considering it's price, you can check multiple reviews. Yes, it doesn't have dram but I don't think it's as bad as some people make it out to be, heck I wouldn't buy a DRAMless SATA SSD for any expensive modern system, but for video editing and stuff, having an nvme drive will help you a bit more than having a sata drive, let's say in scrubbing files, or just overall working with them. Becomes more true as you start working with heavier files (I guess).
    980 pro by Samsung is its recent foray in the DRAMless market segment, and it's not as good as the sn550. Again, you could always check reviews and stuff.
    As a takeaway from all this, I'd suggest getting the SN550, since your PC/laptop clearly supports it. If it didn't I would have asked you to go for the 870 Evo or any other reputable SSD with DRAM cache.
    PS. I have a SATA SSD with DRAM cache in my laptop, and one without in my core 2 duo machine. I do light work, and they both work like a charm.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Abyssal Radon in How many of you have moved on from PC gaming?   
    Haven't moved on from PC gaming... just don't play as much as I used too. I have a puppy that keeps me on my toes (adopted him last October).

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    AnirbanG007 reacted to SorryClaire in Logitech F310 Gamepad Compatibility for Retro Gaming   
    Its a boring old Logitech controller. It gets the job done and better than knock off dual shocks. And afaik, the back button is gonna be a select key in emulators but you can rebind it in Logitech Gaming Software if you are on windows.
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    AnirbanG007 got a reaction from Arrie in Need help on building my PC   
    First thing, you could use an SSD as your boot drive, and use your HDD for movies and stuff. A 250 gig 870/860 Evo, MX500, or WD Blue, should do the trick. Get the one which is the cheapest among these (mx500 and the evo's are the best, on paper at least), and you should be fine. Not a great time to upgrade GPU, I'm not sure about RAM availability and stuff, but you could look into expanding your total RAM should you feel the need to.
    Upgrading to an SSD should make a world of difference in terms of overall OS snappiness.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Somerandomtechyboi in Core2Duo for Emulating Retro Games   
    I think you can do a bsel mod to make your cpu run faster, if it doesnt post you can volt mod it with the help of a datasheet, search up celeron d 300 ∆ datasheet and on page 18 i think is where you can find some voltage configs, also look at a lga 775 pinout while you are doing this, plenty of them on the internet
    Since your cpu is 1066fsb you can use core 2 quad q6600 bsel mod videos for determining where to put the electrical tape
    Volt mod is basically the same thing except no tutorials on it so you are on your own, btw if you accidentaly set a ridicolous volt like 1.5 or 1.6 its totally safe even for 45nm cpus, ive run my 45nm cpus up to 2v and they survived
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to jaslion in Ryzen 7 4700U with Vega 10 vs i5 10210U with MX 130 2GB   
    On average the vega 7 in the 4700u is 20% faster. The 4700u also has a far superior cpu (like no competition at all for video editing and it is also supposed to be faster in single core performance).
    Keep in mind that both devices have a poor colour accurate screen (the hp being the worse of the 2) so anything that needs correct colour should not be done on the laptop screen.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Mel0nMan in Core2Duo for Emulating Retro Games   
    They should run fine on that igpu, but emulation can be a lot harder to run in some cases.
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    AnirbanG007 got a reaction from Spigaw in Switching from Legacy to UEFI - AsRock H310CM-HDV   
    Can't say much about CSM but you probably have to change your hard drive partition table from mbr to gpt. There are some tools like AOMEI Partition Manager, Ease US Partition Manager, I'm not sure, they should help you to convert without loosing your data. Otherwise changing modes formats the entire disk.
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    AnirbanG007 got a reaction from Tan3l6 in Switching from Legacy to UEFI - AsRock H310CM-HDV   
    Can't say much about CSM but you probably have to change your hard drive partition table from mbr to gpt. There are some tools like AOMEI Partition Manager, Ease US Partition Manager, I'm not sure, they should help you to convert without loosing your data. Otherwise changing modes formats the entire disk.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Tan3l6 in Switching from Legacy to UEFI - AsRock H310CM-HDV   
    Damn, trying to repair MBR boot problems compared to GPT/UEFI were the good days.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to tikker in Microsoft to force webcams for non-desktop PCs to run Windows 11 from 2023 onward   
    Not sure if this has been posted already, couldn't find anything about it using the search function, but please lock/delete if it already exists in a general thread or something 🙂
    Windows 11's stellar start hasn't gone unnoticed. In its latest addition, it has been found that Microsoft will now also force laptops to have a front-facing webcam present from 2023 and on in order to run Windows 11. Not just any camera will suffice though, they also list their requirements in the online support document.
    My thoughts
    Some of the hardware requirements I can sympathise with. Requiring TMP 2.0 and 8th gen Intel / 2nd gen Zen or above alas. It's inconvenient, but not the end of the world. You have to draw a line at some point to move forward (and I've seen compelling philosophies as to why on this forum). I'll happily keep running Windows 10 for the coming years by which time my rig will be due for an upgrade anyway.
    A webcam seems like a strange requirement to me though. I guess they'll use it for Windows Hello face login or they're planning to really go all-in on the work from home/meetings everywhere aspect1. Now yes pretty much every carryable device you can think of has a camera nowadays, but why would an operating system of all things need to depend on a camera. There are probably information sensitive jobs that don't allow cameras to be present as well, and while I could foresee a special business model or license, that would be just a sad money grab. I generally like Windows, and probably mostly the techy minority cares about this, but man on some aspects Microsoft is really testing how far they can go huh.
    I can't find any requirement regarding the IR stuff Windows Hello requires, which makes it the most strange in my opinion.
    [update] as people have been pointing out below, this may just be to ensure a certain standard of webcam quality with Windows 11. I still don't see why you need to force the webcam itself to be present though. Are they that afraid that manufacturers will not include one or not switch to Windows 11 if it's optional? Or will manufacturers really be that dumb to not include a webcam these days?
    [update2] this pertains to manufacturers that want to design products for Windows 11, so it's probably just so they can slap a "Windows 11 compatible" sticker on their product. I just wonder how they will handle the split in devices they're currently making by doing this from 2023 and on (but I guess deals for next year have already been made is the reason for that).
    https://download.microsoft.com/download/7/8/8/788bf5ab-0751-4928-a22c-dffdc23c27f2/Minimum Hardware Requirements for Windows 11.pdf
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to WonITKorea in Landscapes Shot on Samsung Galaxy   
    Changwon-Si, South Korea.
    Shot on Note 10 5G
    Stockton, CA, USA.
    Shot on S7

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    AnirbanG007 reacted to champ06 in Windows 11 pc does not meet minimum system requirements   
    6th gen not in supported processor list. 
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Kilrah in Windows 11 pc does not meet minimum system requirements   
    @AnirbanG007 @KarlS08Merged with system requirements thread. Compatibility check tool shows anything older than 8th gen as "not compatible" but it's not a hard requirement, it'll work but is officially "not recommended". 
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Glenwing in What does Color Gamut CIE1931 72% convert/mean in sRGB?   
    CIE 1931 is just a coordinate system for representing color gamuts on a chart. sRGB or AdobeRGB (etc.) would be a triangle specifying a section of a CIE 1931 xy chromaticity diagram, or a CIE 1976 u'v' chromaticity diagram, etc. Basically "CIE 1931 72%" is totally meaningless. I assume they mean 72% of some color space (sRGB? AdobeRGB? DCI-P3?) mapped on a CIE 1931 diagram, but no way of knowing what it really means. It's equivalent to saying "62 fps on a bar chart" instead of saying the name of the game that's being represented by the bar on the bar chart.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in A new version of windows is coming!!!   
    that was just because people tried to run it on systems that just weren't capable. 
    like, Apple fixes this by just unsupporting machines at a certain point. for example, my 2011 15" MBP has been unsupported for a while but i don't care that i can't run the latest OS. i get stutters every so often on a relatively old OS, i can't imagine what it would be like on the latest OS. would be hell with it's horrific by todays standards HD3000 gpu. 
    if Microsoft had just said listen you need a core duo at least for Vista, everything would have been fine. when i was a kid we had a HP prebuilt machine that was beefy for the time (3.something ghz core 2 duo iirc, 4gb of ram and an upgraded Radeon GPU) and that ran vista like a dream. 
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Doobeedoo in A new version of windows is coming!!!   
    Maybe rebranding it as just 'Windows' or something along those lines. Waiting for that refined UI and UX unification too.
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    AnirbanG007 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in When will using Ubuntu Server be effective to use within a Windows OS environment?   
    For a nas and plex server, ubuntu server will work fine with windows. Just install samba for the nas work and it works just fine for nas uses.