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  1. 1 minute ago, timmy_turner said:

    and how do i solve this problem?


    With my EVGA 2080 ti XC/i7 8086k computer that was in an old Haf X case I added a second exhaust fan on the top and an intake fan below the GPU.

    Now it has been re cased with a CM H500 ARGB and it is never loud.

    The CM H500 AGB is my go to case for air cooled CPUs. 


    With my 5800x build I have listed below I am re casing form a CM H500p Mesh to a Corsair 5000D. 

    The 5800x/2080 ti setup only gets hot and loud while benching. The GPU gets 10c hotter than the one in my i9 10900k/2080 ti setup that uses a H500M.


    I like seeing witch one is faster in games and the 5800x is at a disadvantage in the H500P Mesh. 



  2. Hot air may be getting trapped below the GPU when the CPU fans ramp up. When that happens the GPU fans work harder to maintain temps.


    Easy to test,  just put your hand on the case glass below the GPU when it is loud.  If it is hot, air is being trapped there.


  3. My i9 9900k is using a Noctua NH-U15 with a single fan and stays cool even with a 5ghz all core overclock(1.27v). 


    My 5800x rig that I built recently has a EVGA 360mm AIO and it will be RMAed for noise soon. It does not need a 360mm AIO but I was planning to leave it on a test bench and large air coolers just get in the way.


    My i9 10900k rig uses a Silverstone 360mm AIO and it is quite.  At first this i9 got a Dark Rock Pro 4 and it was not up to the task. It is the only rig I have that actually needs a 360mm AIO.


    I think you would be fine with either a Noctua NH-D15 or a DRP4.


  4. 1 hour ago, airstrike said:

    Hello, i'm planning to buy a new TV, these two models are within my budget 

    and i wonder which one is better knowing that the LG nanocell 85 is about 30 USD

    More is expensive, i will use the TV for mainly watching films and occasional gaming.



    I have a 49" LG Nanocell 85 2020 version with HDMI 2.1.


    It is a fantastic monitor but a not so great TV. 

    Mine is inches way from my LG OLED so it has a lot to live up to. 

    I use it mainly for forums and YouTube along with casual games. 


    The www.rtings.com page has some misinformation. The LG is not G-SYNC Compatible and according to Nvidia neither is the Samsung. 

  5. I used SLI with the GTX 980 ti, GTX 1080 and the GTX 1080 ti so I have gotten really high frame rate for a long time now.


     The only games I played that I limited frame rate(60) were Bethesda games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. They have physics tied to frame rate so going over 60 can cause issues like clutter flying around in Skyrim and limited jump height in Fallout 4.  


    The only other game I had issues with were the first 2 Metro games. When crawling through spaces if frames were over 120 it was impossible to get through. 


    The bigger problem with high frame rate is screen tearing if you go past the refresh rate of your screen. 

  6. I am using a GTX 1080 ti with mine now so a little less powerful than a 3060 ti. 

    It was running a RTX 2080 ti that is slightly more powerful than a 3070 and that was a better match.


    With the EVGA SC2 GTX 1080 ti the i9 does 88 frames average in Shadow of the Tomb Raider bench at 1440p highest settings but it did 130 frames when it used an EVGA 2080 ti. 


    My i9 9900k will get either a 3080 or another 2080 ti sometime in the future.




  7. I had a similar issue with my first Hero XII.


    At the time I had the i7 8086k/Hero X the i9 10900k replaced on a bench so I could test the ram and other components.

    They all were fine. 


    Then I tested with a different brand of 3200 and some 4000 as well.  The results were the same.  


    I ended up returning the Hero XII and the replacement board has had no issues. 


  8. 11 minutes ago, LetsBuild said:

    Am I missing something but these don’t have a mic do they?   


    The version with a mic are the DROP + Sennheiser PC38X. The cost is $180.

    If you go down a bit on sound quality there is the EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE at $124 but I have never researched them. 

  9. 2 hours ago, FuruiHebi said:

    also wanted to ask, some other build ive seen had fans, then the rad next. Mine is rad first then fans next (just like the picture) is that wrong?

    It depends.

    The setup I did for my 5800x build has the standard fans, then rad or the way it came out of the box.

    It is fine for gaming but for benching it does not allow the hot air from the GPU to rise and escape the case. My i9 10900k setup is rad with fans on top and the GPU is 10c cooler when benching.  


    To test all you have to do is run Heaven 

  10. I use Sennheiser open back headphones. They are good at imaging in shooters(making it easier to identify the direction of sounds). 

    The best at your price point are the Sennheiser HD 559s at $100 on Amazon.

  11. I would drop the 980 pro and the HD.


    I bought a PCIe 4 SSD(Corsair Force MP600) for my 5800x build and so far only one game seems to load faster and that is RDR2. It is still slow but not as slow.

    I have also bought expensive 2tb SSDs in the past(2tb 970 EVO) and it performed about the same as a SATA SSD in games.


    I usually get a 1tb M.2 and a 2tb SATA. Usually a Crucial P2 1TB and a Crucial MX500 2tb. If I need more space in the future I will get another 2tb SATA.


    Hard drives make a fast system seem slow so I only use USB drives and leave them unplugged most of the time. 

  12. You should be fine.


    All my Intel CPUs have reputations for being hot but none are. 


    5ghz is not hard to do with a modern Intels since that is their boost clock. It was hard to do with the i7 8700k since their boost clock was only 4.7ghz.



  13. Cases seem to stay around for a while so I buy them with features I may need in the future.


    My last buy was a Corsair 5000D. Since it dose not come with front fans, adding those puts it over $200.

    I bought it because it has room for a side mounted 360mm radiator, so it can have a second 360mm AIO without interfering with airflow.

    I don't need the feature now but I may need it in the future for hybrid GPUs.



  14. My i7 6700k ran very hot and loud with a Intel cooler.  Only when I got it a Noctua NH-U14S did it run cool and quiet.

    It was used 3D rendering so it was going full out most of the time so a 140mm fan cooler made sense. For gaming I would have gotten a 120mm fan cooler.


    Now the setup is used for sound recording(narration) since it is so quiet.  



  15. The memory on my EVGA FTW3 Ultra 2080 ti at stock(7000mhz) under load is 76c.

    With 7800mhz it is 82c. At 8100mhz it is 86c.


    Some software miss reports.

    Since I have EVGA cards I use Precision X1 but GPUZ shows the exact same numbers.

    This in one of my GTX 1080 tis at idle.


  16. The HP LA2306x is a 6bit plus FRC monitor. So it will band.

    The ASUS TUF is 6bit plus FRC panel as well so not a big improvement.

    To get a big improvement you need an 8bit plus FRC panel. 


    1 minute ago, Jebolgray said:

    I would love to say that option is there, but it isn't

    It is not on any of mine either.