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  1. Update. Computer fixed with a new 24 pin connector.
  2. Smarter windows. Since Ultrawide exist I think windows and apps that run in windows should uses the real estate more intelligently.
  3. Your MSI 2080 ti is still under warranty. So why not RMA it?
  4. Lately I only buy from stores that have quick returns or refunds like Amazon and Bestbuy since half the stuff I buy either underperforms or does not work at all.
  5. The difference is a warranty in most cases. Another is returns. I had a side job years ago doing warranty work and RMAs. If a sales receipt did not come from an authorized store and the serial number did not match the region no action was taken. Some computers and parts came back over and over again from different buyers. I was quit sad. As long as a sale is legit and not a used sale it is up to a customer what they want to pay.
  6. In 2018 ram prices were more than double to what they are now and the headlines read "no relief in site" but by 2019 prices had normalized. Prices did not go down until government got involved. 2018 G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 $202.00 2021 G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 $89.00 In 2018 I was in business(freelance 3D artist) so I had to pay and if I had not retired I would have to pay now.
  7. It may have something to do with static object burn in. Also my B9s are not as bright compared to a C9 but in the show room the images on them looked the same to me. I went several times and had the sales people change content but in the end I saw no difference. My budget at the time was more than double of the 55" C9 so the price did not play into it. What is obvious to me is that the CX or C1 are not upgrades to the C9 just like the RTX 2080 was not an upgrade to a GTX 1080 ti.
  8. They are both 8 bit IPS panels so good for gaming but I could not recommend either for productivity unless it is office work. To me 10 bit(8 bit + FRC) is minimum for that. The Dell is only 75hz so easier to run if you don't have a powerful system. If you have a powerful system the LG is the best choice.
  9. It runs fine with a GTX 1080 ti but the image looks the same as 4k on my 4k TV.
  10. That in a way may have showed up the problem. When I installed the cable only the RGB lights turned on in the computer. I found out that even touching the 24 pin power cable causes either only the RGB turning on or the computer to crash. It looks like my next step is getting another 24 pin power cable.
  11. Yes. Two separate 8 pins on the 2080 ti. The i9 is only using an 8 pin but there is a 4 pin socket available on the Hero XII. I will add it now.
  12. No. I do not have a spare at this time and I am reluctant to pull one out of a working computer. I am thinking about buying one. I will get the GTX 1080 ti up to 300 watts to see if I can trigger a crash since the 2080 ti uses about that running games without an overclock.
  13. An EVGA 1300 G2 that was installed in October.
  14. Yes. They are fine on the i9 and the 2080 ti. I ran Cinebench R20 and Heaven bench to check temperatures and the computer did not crash running them.
  15. Yesterday my i9 10900k/2080 ti computer crashed with a blank screen while playing BattleTech. It was the first time the game had crashed on that computer so I did not think much of it until it crashed again on the reload of the save. I decided to test with a graphics heavy game so I loaded up Control and it was fine in the menus but as soon as the game started it crashed. A few minutes later it crashed in Chrome. Since it was crashing to a blank, black screen I pulled the 2080 ti and put it in a i7 8080k computer and it worked fine in both games and Chrome. That was a relief s
  16. One of my OLEDs looks like that with YCbCr420 in the Nvidia control panel. Sometimes it defaults to that after a driver update and I have to reset it. My other OLED is the same model but never does it. I only started using TVs as monitors in 2019 when I bought the first LG B9 OLED. I picked the 49" NanoCell 85 in 2020 because it is 120hz with HDMI 2.1 so 4k 120hz with a 30 series Nvidia card. The text quality was a bonus. If it had not worked out I would have gone back to using a 32" 4k monitor.
  17. Text is important to me as well. Typing this I am using a 49" LG Nanocell 85 TV. The text is sharper than any of the 1440p monitors I have used. I did look at lots of 43" monitor reviews and they seem to use the same BGR panel. I do have OLEDs that I use as gaming monitors but they do burn in on static anything. On mine Chrome burnt in. The lowest resolution I like for text is 1600 vertical pixels and that is on my 38" LG 3840 X 1600 ultra wide. It looks as sharp as 4k but it cost more than double the 49" LG TV.
  18. Noctua nh-d15s do have issues with most modern cases. Two of my computers are using one fan now but they both used 2 fans when they were in older cases. Fortunately they still stay cool with only one fan. There is another active post with someone using a 5800x with a NHU12A. I am waiting to so how it turns out.
  19. You are right. I get them mixed up with the NHU12S.
  20. I used Pantone swatches in Photoshop since they represent the same color in a 3 or 4 color prosses.
  21. Most large format printing companies use RIP software so all images printed are converted to 4 color(CMYK). Some colors may shift in the conversion like blues and reds so it is best to do the conversion yourself and check the colors for shifting in a paint program since it may not show up on your monitor. One of my side jobs was preparing images for large format printing. Color shifts and people sending in tiny images were the biggest issues I dealt with.
  22. I don't have a lot of experience with AMD since I stopped using them back in 2007 and it has been Intel ever since, so when planning my first Ryzen built I noticed a lot of 5800x users complained about high temps. I decided if I was going to get a 5800x I would treat it like one of my Intels and give it a large cooler. The cooler I got is an EVGA 360mm AIO that cost $110 so $50 more than a Deepcool AS500 in the US. I think it was money well spent just for the peace of mind.
  23. Not enough cooling. I built a 5800x /Aorus Master setup as well but mine uses a 360mm AIO. My idle temps are low 30s but they do jump up to the low 40s some times. It games in the 60s and benches in the 70s. On air I could only recommend a Dark Rock Pro 4 or Noctua nh-d15.
  24. I used one of my 55" LG B9s as a monitor and it did burn in(Chrome). It took about 4900 hours. With lockdown that was about a year of use. Now my OLEDS are used only for games and movies and a cheap 49" LG Nano 85 is used for everything else. I use 30" desk/tables so I am about 3 feet away from the TVs. If I had less space I would consider the 48" OLED but with 55" versions being cheaper I will stick with at size. I have been holding out for a 100hz 4k ultra wide(5120 x 2160) as well but I also want one at around 48" wide. My last ultra wide is a LG 38" 3840
  25. I did 3D for a living along with being a PC gamer so I was in front of monitors at work and at play. Eye strain was an issue until I realized it was mainly caused by focusing too close. I went to an eye doctor and had glasses made that focused on the average distance(no infinity) of my monitors(18" to 20"). I used them for over 20 years with no eye strain. When I retired in 2018 I wanted to stop using my computer glasses and I did this my using TVs as monitors. They are about 30" to 32" away so at my natural close focusing range. They have other benefits as well.