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  1. I guess the bigger issue is where should the line on data collection be drawn? I feel like if Amazon tried to go contact their competition to ask for said data, they would tell them to F off but now they can pay pennies for ppl to willingly give them a way to undermine their competition? just seems like a huge anti-trust issue to me
  2. I came across this article today about Amazon's new "Amazon Shopper Panel" where they are paying users to send them their shopping reciepts from non Amazon stores. Summary Amazon paying users for for their non amazon shopping info. Quotes My thoughts Don't they already have the "Amazon Basics" line where they take the popular items bought on their store and make a cheaper version themselves to sell? is this not seeing what items are bought from other stores and then doing this to it as well? How is this not a monopoly ploy?
  3. I have a bunch of friends on Xbox One that play the same games I have on PS4. The main reason I want cross play is so I can play with them on the same games we have without picking up an Xbox One (which I can't due to financial reasons).
  4. Saw this article today about Cross play between Nintendo and Microsoft on Minecraft. A further dig at Sony for not supporting Cross play. https://kotaku.com/nintendo-and-microsoft-are-rubbing-sonys-face-in-it-1827034233