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  1. If I turn on my PC after shutting it down half the time there is no display. But if there is a display my PC works perfectly, I have an R5 1600 and a Vega 56 and an Acer 144hz monitor. I have recently installed an nvme SSD in my system and now I don't even see the boot screen it just directly starts displaying when it boots into windows(the login screen).
  2. A review of the mi 9t(redmi k20) and the mi 9t pro(redmi k20 pro). They can do something like what they did with the pocophone since both of them already have such good custom rom support plus both their screens can be overclocked to 75hz(or 84hz), I don't remember exactly, this would essentially make the k20 pro a one plus 7 pro, since both of their primary cameras too are the same.
  3. Hey guys, I have a gigabyte Vega 56 Gaming OC. I want to flash the Vega 64 bios onto it but the problem is that it only has a single bios. If I mess up, is there any way to recover my GPU. I have a spare GTX 750ti btw.
  4. Hey guys, I'm going to be upgrading my phone since I broke my trusty oneplus x. My two chioces are the Mi 9t(Redmi K20) or the Redmi K20 Pro. Since both of them have basically indentical hardware and only the SOC differs is it worth paying extra for the K20 PRO. I don't use my phone for "gaming", I just use it to watch videos listen to music browse Reddit read Emails, that sort of stuff. The difference in price between both if them is around 85$, i.e. I'll be paying 29.2% more for the K20 Pro
  5. Hey guys, I have an R5 1600 I've oced it to 4.2ghz@1.4375v but it never goes over 1.42v and vdroops to around 1.4v during stress tests, I've checked using both HWINFO and CPU-Z. My temps never cross above 75 degrees while running Prime 95 or OCCT LINPACK and usually hovers near 65 degrees is this safe for 24/7 use?
  6. I just made a my new PC it has a Ryzen 5 1600 and a Gigabyte Vega 56 which has been massively undervolted. I just wanted to know if I can mine any coins, not to make money but just for fun. And if so are there any coins which is easy to mine and might increase in value later. PS Electricity is really cheap where I live approx 0.07-0.08usd per KWh.
  7. I have a coolermaster masterliquid 240 I get like 73degress when I stress test using occt linpack. Anyways I'm using it at 4GHz. If at some point if time in the future I need the extra perf can I run it at 1.44v for a few hours.
  8. Hey guys, I just got a ryzen 5 1600 and I can do 4.2GHz at 1.44375v is this safe for 24/7 use. My cpu is also stable at 4.1ghz witgh 1.375v and 4GHz with 1.28v.
  9. Thanks for informing me I'm running it at 4GHz at 1.24v rn
  10. I recently got an R5 1600 from microcenter and along with a cheap mobo(the ASRock b450m pro4) I paid 120$. I used a coolermaster masterliquid 240 aio for these tests. I was able to OC my CPU to 4.2 GHz at 1.4v along with 3000mhz ram. I got a score of 3152cb in cinebench R20 multi and 425cb single, in cinebench r15 I got a score of 1401 I was able to push my CPU to 4.25v but it needed a ludicrous 1.52v It completed a run of cinebench r15 and I got a score of 1422cb, I ran cinebench R20 but it crashed and at this point I was too scared to run it again at such a high vol