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  1. Sweet! By the way, another guy was saying to get a different case. Do you have any cases that you'd recommend? In particular, I was going for a black and red look, but not one that's too expensive. Any ideas?
  2. Gotcha. I think the 8400 will end up lasting long enough to me. By the time I feel the need to upgrade the graphics card, I'll probably need to upgrade a lot more stuff in there anyways. Thanks!
  3. Ok so it seems like the 8600 isn't the way to go. If it were you, do you think it would be worth it to pay extra for the 8700 to future proof a little bit (new graphics card down the road) or just save the money now since the 8400 is just fine for this build? How often do people upgrade their graphics card, and would the 8400 still be strong enough that it wouldn't bottleneck a newer graphics card maybe a year or two down the road?
  4. Ah I see. Yeah this is going to primarily be for gaming so if there isn't a real difference for that, then I'm down to save a few extra bucks. How much of a difference will overclocking make? and I'm guessing that you're basing their similar performance on them both being overclocked?
  5. Added a better PSU, and I did some very basic research when I picked the 8600k. I just read around a bit on random sites and came to the conclusion that I want an 8th gen chip, the i7 is really expensive, and multiple sites said the 8th gen i5 was good for gaming. From there I saw that the 8400k had a stock clock speed of 2.8GHz and the 8600k had 3.6GHz, so I went for the higher clock speed. If you have a better explanation on why I should choose which chip, I'd love to hear it! That was just my super basic thought process.
  6. I usually prefer the 144hz stuff. I can definitely tell the difference in how much nicer a 4k display looks than a 1080p one, but I'm usually more interested in higher fps. It might be a combo of growing up with playing graphically challenged nintendo consoles (compared to xbox and playstation) and a little bit of ptsd from playing every single game I own at 20fps with the lowest settings on my laptop.
  7. Do you have any kind of recommendations for cases that fit all this stuff in it? I'm definitely no expert on who makes the good ones or where to find a cool one.
  8. Looks solid to me! I forgot to change the PSU, a few people recommended it before too. As for the wifi card, I'll trust you on it, but what do you mean by allowing it to have more functionality down the road? Is it just faster?
  9. Thanks! I might upgrade to a better graphics card down the road, but this should be plenty for me right now. Since it's my first setup, I also have to worry about getting a monitor and keyboard which I probably won't worry about for a long time. And I know SSDs give faster load times, so why don't people only use an SSD as their only storage device? Is it just because storing stuff besides some games and the OS is just overkill for the price? Either way, I'll definitely look into a larger SSD.
  10. Hey guys, thanks for everyone's help on my original post! Using advice I got from there as well as from reddit, here is what I now have for my build. A lot about the pc itself has changed, and I've also decided to shell out the extra cash for a 144hz display. Huge credit goes to u/bewmsday on reddit with most of the actual pc stuff. Once again, are there any compatibility issues? Should I get more fans? Is this power supply good enough? Will there be any bottlenecking? Do you have a complete setup just as good or better at the same price? I Will add that I'm willing to spend a few extra bucks
  11. So I've finally saved up enough to build my first gaming computer. What I was going for was pretty high performance, but keeping within a reasonable price. The list of parts for the PC will be listed below, and I haven't purchased anything yet. Will there be any type of bottlenecking anywhere? And what are my options to fix it? Do I have all the parts that I actually need to make a working computer? And is there anything in there that you know sucks but I don't, or if I can get similar or equal performance for a better price? (For example, I have the 8th gen i5 but I know that Ryzen processors