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    i7-6700K HT off
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    MSI Z170 Pro Carbon
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    32GB Crucial Ballistx DDR4 2667 in XMP
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    Gigabyte G1 1070
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    Lian Li PC7N
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    1TB Crucial MX200 + Seagate 2TB + 5TB external
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    Seasonic X850 Gold + APC BackUPS XS1500
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    Samsung SA550
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    Intel BXTS15A
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    Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum
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    Logitech G402
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    Grado SR80i
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

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  1. You mean a "foregone conclusion"? I figured if i didnt link to Australian articles youd say i was "making shit up". Looks like you resorted to being hostile and insulting anyway but i know its ok for you to do so. As for golden lag. What i am saying is that: I dont know where he lives and never claimed to. Your presumption is therefore incorrect, but its ok. I know youre pretending not to get it like telling me "the NBN doesnt concern you since you dont live here" while ignoring the entire NZ vs US premise of the OP.
  2. I was discussing Australia, NZ and the USA. I dont know where he is from. And your statements(as wrong as they are) do not apply since i wasnt presuming his country of residence...
  3. Precisely. Doesnt matter if the OP is from NZ or not. The same "logic" applies. If @mr moose is fine commenting on the affairs of countries that he doesnt live in, but then asks why i am, he already has his answer. And if the OP is simply misinformed and doesnt even live in NZ but is championing their government run internet, while complaining about the US then its even more amusing really.
  4. You mean the Fiat currency thats worth less than the denim its printed on? I prefer gold anyway. I often take the toll roads by the way. Theyre faster and have better pavement.
  5. Thank you for reinforcing my point that it is indeed theft. Men with guns coming for you if you dont give them money is usually called robbery to be specific.
  6. Oh, so you mean you dont like it when someone posts a thread specifically to brag about their country, while simultaneously telling another country that is very different(and even spends money to make their bragging possible) what they ought to do? You dont like the OPs agenda based thread? You know the one youve been fine posting in until i point out that people are overlooking the issues and facts about their own countries while bitching about the USA? Hmmm...
  7. There isnt a NEED. Dont conflate a motive for a need. Animal? Except the government has no competition and cant go out of business when the cost doubles, the product sucks and people want some alternative. They are obviously incompetent if they quote a price,then it doubles and they still manage to make it suck. A private company that did that would go out of business and someone else would take their place. Tax is theft if you dont voluntarily donate it. If you dont pay taxes men with guns do come for you to imprison you or tame your stuff
  8. Been involved with computers for almost two decades. Theres always something new to learn. To know how to build a PC takes a few days to learn, but to know the technology landscape takes constantly researching the current and future technologies. If you can assemble Legos you can build a PC. But to know the intricacies of semiconductor engineering or network topology and architectures of complex systems takes constant study.
  9. I maintained my diet and weight for the 18 years since i was 17, so some(if few) people do. I gained some weight and lost it from drinking, but my basic dietary intake is the same. The other thing is that many people around the world eat healthy all their lives. Particularly the places that have a high concentration of people that live past 100 or where the traditional diet is extremely healthy(Sicily, most of Japan and particularly Okinawa). I mostly tried to apply the dietary practices that they have to my own diet, which is expensive in the US and difficult if you dont grow you
  10. More calories in means more cellular respiration, and therefore reactive oxygen species(free radicals) produced. The more you run any engine, the quicker it will wear. Despite regenerative abilities, the body is no exception. Telomeres arent infinite in length. When i was losing weight initially, i also got into anti-aging. The research 18 years ago was still pretty new, but its now well researched that caloric restriction increases lifespan in mammals. This is one of the many reasons that certain cultures have a great number of people who live to be >100 years old. They usually
  11. You should not do that or have any reason to with your specs. It is not a valid fix. First, do a clean install of the latest nvidia drivers. Use Fast Vsync if you use Vsync at all in the Nvidia control panel. Try different Vsync settings in game: on in drivers but off in game. On in both etc. Its usually the game engine not playing well with the drivers if you have normal Vsync on in both places causing massive stutter. For many games i just use Fast Sync in drivers and have Vsync off in game. Can you show the detailed breakdown of your memory usage in Resou