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  1. Since I was quoting two people's responses from that thread, I thought it was appropriate for context. Perhaps someone from that thread may have commented an update on their experience or knowledge they've since learned, but can't now because they have no sub/connection to this thread. The standards also don't mention anything about reviving. It might be good to update the standards regarding reviving, what's appropriate or not.
  2. (Sorry for the necro, but thought I should ask here given it's quoting people's comments) What would be the harm in splicing in connectors from another cable? I have a leftover 6-pin Cablemod Pro PCIe power cable that I want to convert into an 8-pin (full wires, not the GPU connector side-wires extension) by cutting and splicing together wires the Molex cables from my set that I don't use. Because they're shorter than the 6-wires of the PCIe 6-pin, I'll have to splice together two halves per wire (which will already have the original female connectors attached). Mind you, this is only
  3. On an Nvidia/EVGA 3080/3090 FTW3 GPU, there are three 8-pin PCIe power connectors. How does the "ordering" of power draw work across its 3x power ports (+ its PCIe slot)? For example, if a 3080 FTW3 suddenly needed 450W of power, how or in what order would that be drawn: would it grab as much power as it can get from one power source before moving onto the next, e.g.: 75W from PCIe slot (..75W total) -> 150W from 8-pin #1 (..225W total) -> 150W from 8-pin #2 (..375W total) -> remaining 75W from 8-pin #3 (..450W) ..? Or does the GPU draw power throu
  4. I know it's been a minute, but this is awesome! Any update on this?
  5. This is fantastic! I know this is a bit late, but thanks a lot for sharing this. Brilliant idea putting this together. Are you still working on it by any chance?