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  1. and so how should i connect the KRK speakers, because i want all of the speakers to link to 1 place then 1 cable goes into my pc
  2. *no signal is coming through to the PC, so i cant play any music out of my speakers
  3. I have a Yamaha RX-V671 and some KRK Rokit 5 Speaker monitors along with a KEF Subwoofer. i want to connect the KRK speakers and KEF Sub to the AVR with some XLR to RCA cables, then connect the AVR to my PC via HDMI but i am having some trouble, can anyone help? Thanks, Jammycrumbs
  4. Hi i cant check, i have no other computer thanks for the suggestion tho
  5. Hello, I need some help, I think I am stuck in a bios loop, i cannot get out of it. I have tried everything on YouTube and forums and I cant find a solution. I just reset my motherboard battery, but to no avail. Can I please get some help? Thanks, Jammycrumbs
  6. ive already tried this... it is a RTX 2070 max-q
  7. Hello, my Graphics card on my new Razer blade 15 is not working... when i do a graphically intensive task, it uses the integrated graphics on the cpu... Help... Thanks, Jamie
  8. if you want i did get a gtx 1080 ti for the price of a top end 1080 and it is 25% better, it is the zotac amp! extreame edition
  9. yeh but its 1080p and he wanted 4k or 1440p