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    Skylly reacted to SkilledRebuilds in What software do you guys use to migrate your Windows 10 main drive to another drive?   
    This everytime.... the last 100 times.
    Has NEVER failed ME.
    Download, setup the process within 2minutes.
    Easy enough to use the Copy wizards...
    Apply, Reboot, done...
    Set Bootdrive.
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    Skylly reacted to MultiBros in HDD to SSD   
    So I have my hdd and I have windows 10, anyway through odd circumstances I now have a 256 gig ssd and now I want to insta windows 10 on the ssd but I don’t know how to go about it, can I just install it on the ssd and reformat the hdd and all will be well?
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    Skylly reacted to Jayliss in How do you transfer an OS from a HDD to an SSD   
    How do you transfer an OS from a HDD to an SSD? I'm wanting to put my windows 10 from my HDD to SSD
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    Skylly reacted to Pickles - One of the Jar in Reducing Single Points of Failure (SPoF) in Redundant Storage   
    Doesn't NetApp use something called Waffle for how their file system/drives are setup to be redundent @Dlog? 
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    Skylly reacted to Dlog in Reducing Single Points of Failure (SPoF) in Redundant Storage   
    Instead of Raid 60 across multiple controllers why not a redundant controller device with a replicated copy of it's data on another device.
    Look at a NetApp cluster of 2x FAS 2552s, The two devices each have two controlelrs (servers) built into each that work together and are cross wired for SAS. If one of the servers were to restart, fail etc the other takes over until it's partner returns. On the second FAS 2552 you could configure a SnapVault to take copys of the data from the first FAS and in the event of a failure on the first simply take over it's job.
    I'm expaining this poorly I think.
    FAS 2552 - 1
    [{server 1 with disks}{server 2 with disks}] SAS between all wired together                    
    (super important volume one on Virtual interface with ip, if Server 1 fails server 2 takes the Virtual interface and access the disks through the shared SAS cabling)
    2x 10 Gbit High Speed connection each (2x switches interconnected with 4x interconnects, one conection per switch for redundancy) for inter cluster talk (internal data transfer)
    FAS 2552 -2
    [{server with disks}{server with disks} ]SAS between all wired together
    (Snap mirror/vault/metro...whatever of data from super important volume on FAS 2552 -1, if FAS 2552-1 fails, FAS2552-2 can provide the version of the data it has with the same IP as the virtual LIF from FAS2552-1) when you fail back you can reverse update the original volume to get data back to current.
    Again I'm terrible at explaining so here.
    Edit:FFS sorry for the necro. to much work in this post to just delete and hide embarrassment.
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    Skylly reacted to ice856 in Question about partition   
    I tried cloning with this software but it always fail so i end up reinstalling windows its much easier
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    Skylly reacted to Splashman777 in SSD Boot Drive Plan   
    So I'm getting a 256 GB SSD for my PC tomorrow and just want to make sure my setup plan is OK. My PC currently has a 1TB HDD with around 400 GB used. Here is my plan:
    Put SSD in PC Run MiniTool Partition Wizard and move OS onto new SSD Update BIOS Settings if needed Move program files over from HDD to SSD that I want to be fast (idk how to do this properly)  
    Is this an OK plan?
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    Skylly reacted to ice856 in Question about partition   
    I'm moving my system to the new hard drive.
    thanks for the tips i will consider when i have the budget.
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    Skylly reacted to Levent in Accidental quick formatting   
    use minitool partition wizard, it has a feature called partition recovery.
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    Skylly reacted to ElJeanMermoude in Boot on SSD   
    I just bought an SSD because I was currently using an HDD, to boot games and stuff faster. But i want to know how to boot my computer from the SSD instead of the HDD. Anyone can explain please? ^^
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    Skylly reacted to Fosh612 in Cloning your storage drive???   
    Would you recommend cloning the OS? I really don't want to spend 120 dollars on the OS.
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    Skylly reacted to homeap5 in Windows 10 migrate to SSD   
    It is good is when you read previous comments first. He has only one system partition full of stuff (probably) and really smal SSD. So no matter if he using MiniTool, Macrium or any other program - it is impossible when you have not enough space. Also - cloning/migration tools using Volume Shadow Copy when you want to clone disk while system is working, which I don't recommend. It may be good in theory, but is not that good in practice.
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    Skylly reacted to Crunchy Dragon in System Boot SSD   
    I would just get a boot SSD for your OS and a few other applications, and use an HDD for mass storage.
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    Skylly reacted to Radium_Angel in Cloned OS from hdd to ssd   
    This will properly wipe the partitions and format the HDD
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    Skylly reacted to MaccaB in Moving Windows from a Harddrive to an SSD   
    I bought a 240gb ssd from amazon and i want to move windows from my hdd to the ssd any tips?