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  1. Ooh, This would come in handy for an dashboard wall. At a previous place of employment we had multiple computers driving 9 wall TV's displaying data. 1 computer per 3 displays. With PCI M.2 Expansion slot you could have one PC drive as many displays as it has slots available.
  2. This is the interesting part, I'm curious to see how it will compare. My guess is that its going to go ahead against the new mid range mobile CPU's in terms of performance but better thermals. Glad they are pushing USB 4, it should equal things out for the thunderbolt vs USB shit fest. Looks like "PCI lanes?" are very limited for now, I expect that will be resolved for desktop versions later.
  3. I'm Just happy both sides are pushing a really good increase in performance compared to last gen. Whats interesting now is that some cards are made with one specific resolution in mind, with one series for each major resolution. Its adding a layer to the market. 2070/5700 was aimed at 1440p, 2080 and 3080 are aimed at 4K and the 3090 at 8K.
  4. It would be a great acquisition by GreenPower Motor Company from BC.
  5. That's a big no no, you do not want any processing from the camera on a DSLR. You want the image to be as raw as possible and process the image yourself later. From a consumer side it might be appealing, but I think its too late to save the consumer DSLR market.
  6. The DSLR market has been shrinking for a while now and is going to keep shrinking. From 2014: https://www.eoshd.com/photo/market-dslrs-shrinking-dramatically-canon-nikon-blame/ The fact that most people are happy with the good enough camera's that are on phones is one of the factors shrinking this market. I don't think its going to kill it tho. Its going to become a specialized market instead of a general consumer market. Hell think of the last time you went to a tourist spot, most of them are using their phones, not a point and shoot or a DSLR. My Pentax K
  7. I've had no issue with the drivers for my 5700 XT. Physically though I've done the following: tighten one loose screw on the cooler bracket. it was quite loose. recently removed the piece of metal in between the 2 slots needed for the 5700 XT. It was in the way of one of the exhaust. This has dropped the temps to normal levels and the fans are quite less noisy.
  8. The E595 need a Minimum of 45W to charge. So anything with a 60W power delivery rating will work no issues. Bellow 45W it might function but not charge.
  9. I've got good news for you, you can use these no issue https://www.startech.com/ca/Cards-Adapters/Laptop-docking-stations/usb-c-mini-docking-station~DKT30CHPD Its what I assign everyone here with E495 or E595's.
  10. Having a SFP+ Ports makes it even more viable for something like a NAS. 10Gbit networking is getting cheaper real quick.
  11. https://wccftech.com/huawei-preps-desktop-pc-motherboards-featuring-up-to-8-core-kunpeng-920-arm-v8-cpus/ Huawei has been in the server world for a while now, selling mostly in asian markets, so this would be their entry in the PC market. It looks like they are targeting the Entreprise side of things. The LOM port seems to be a SFP+ port but I am having issues find the documentation on it. With China going away from American made computers and computer parts, these Huawei PC's would fill in the gap.
  12. This is something that should be automatic in monitors like in cell phones, where the brightness is adjusted automatically with the amount of surrounding light. I'm kinda surprised its not come up yet? Not a lot of people know this but when you drive at night you should dim your dashboard to allow you to see better and further. This applies mostly outside of cities. @LinusTech
  13. Since the release of Zen 3K, my i7-6700 non K got old real quick. but up until that point it felt like it was keeping up. With a price war, I might have to upgrade soon.
  14. From the configuration page of Bitlocker With TPM you can unlock the data without the TPM as long as you have one of the 3 other unlock options. From my understanding T2 is locked and set to the board, which is not repair friendly for both personal or business.