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    Intel i7 8700k
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    GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7
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    RTX 2080
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    Corsair CARBIDE 400C Compact Mid-Tower Case
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  1. Hello! I am unexpectedly in the market for a new video card. After almost 2 years, my 2080 FE died. I believe I identified the cause and after thorough troubleshooting, I am confident it cannot be revived at this point. To get me by, I "stole" my wife's rx 580 out of her machine, but naturally, it can't really hold up in some of the titles I regularly play. Not to mention that my wife's computer is now down for the count. It's Ryzen 5 3600 does not have integrated graphics so she is temporarily Laptop-bound. Anyhow, I am saving back up to ideally purchase the best gosh darn video c
  2. I could just be not seeing something but what do you see that's really bad?
  3. I like the Strix too. I like how many fan headers it has. That'll totally be good for you. Here's the rgb ram I use. I believe the more moderate speed of ram is 3000Mhz. 36000Mhz is better and would work great for you. You'd see the difference in Minecraft specifically. I'd personally go with Noctua. Their NH-D15 rocks and out performs most watercoolers. They have an all black model you can find here.
  4. New Case (Ebay Link) GPU AIO (Amazon Link) Might swap with a 240mm rad, unless i can get the 280mm to fit. CPU Cooler (Amazon Link) As the title says, I'm looking to take my cooling to an obnoxious level since noise is no longer a concern. Any recommendations for fans that'll maximize airflow through the case?
  5. Apparently the new 5600 XT from AMD beats the similarly priced GTX 1660ti in performance. Definitely the way I'd go.
  6. It sounds like a mobo issue, but check your cpu socket. Are there any bent pins?
  7. Spec wise should be fine. Never had any issue with my Hitachi brand stuff so it looks to be a good buy.
  8. When you run a monitor at 144hz/165hz/anything above 60hz, your GPU has to work harder just to run that monitor. So if you have two monitors running at a high refresh rate, you will see that extra work your GPU is having to do reflected in your gaming. You will see less performance, lower frame rates, and higher GPU temps. If your 1080p monitor is just for streaming/youtube/non gaming applications, you really don't need anything above 60hz.
  9. Spaceman_Wil


    Yep, as long as you use a Display Port cable
  10. Spaceman_Wil


    Both are probably fine build quality. Expensive in my opinion when you can buy the one I linked for half the price with the same specs.
  11. If your PC isn't moving enough of the hot air out, that could contribute to a higher than normal GPU temperature and would explain why the fans may not stop. I'm curious what the temps are on your GPU.
  12. Spaceman_Wil


    I bought this one for half the price and haven't looked back. Monitor is great quality and I haven't had a single issue
  13. What does your cooling situation look like for your whole PC?
  14. Yea different resolutions is not something to worry about. What you will want to watch out for is if your GPU can handle two high performance monitors. You may bring the refresh rate down to 60hz on the 1080p one if your 1440p monitor is 144hz or anything above 60hz.
  15. Couple recommendations. I think your video card is fine temp wise. A little warm, but I'll try and remember to check my spare PC that has a 580 and see what temp it's running at and see if it is similar. If you'd like to crank that thermal limit, download MSI Afterburner and the option should be on the first page as you open it. Additionally, the issue could be your power-supply. I know the one you have is 450W so you're hitting the bare minimum for that card. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken here, but if you try pulling too much power your power supply may shut off.