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  1. thinking of going for amd fx 8 core, also looking into nvidia 980 ti I think it was looks like founders edition 1080 kinda bit it was a previous to 10 series model
  2. Just ordered a 4 gig kit or ripjaws X 240 pin 1866 ,will this be compatible with my amd chipset Asus m4a79xtd evo motherboard ,only thing that draws a regular flag is ram sticks day Intel ready in them?
  3. I understand there both inferior to ryzen, but the goal is to have the most game friendly PC with the least amount of money put into it, until prices for Ryzen CPU's and ryzen compatible motherboards are at a price I'm comfortable paying ,right now the setup I want is to much with would be higher level Ryzen .most of the parts I have now where free or really cheap 10 -15 bucks
  4. yes the newer ones also will be upgrading to 8 core processor soon and gpu's I already had previous, I will probably wait for 11 series cards to drop and see if 10 series cards get any cheaper then I am switching to nvidea so, should I got with phenom 8 core or fx series 8 core?
  5. games such as call of duty,need for speed, settings as high as I can get them lol on 1080?
  6. Are qaud core phenom ll still exceptable for gaming and will 2 radeon HD 7850 in crossfire give me decent fps ,and graphics?
  7. lol almost seems like a really dumb question but, the only reason I ask is because everything gets power all fans CPU cooler hdds gpu, just now output from video card when plugged in
  8. okay thought so the best pay I could find and afford at the moment was a evega 600 b1 ,should that doesn't the job I am trying to run a m4a79xtd evo by Asus, and phenom 2 x4 840t ,sapphire hd7850 oc edition, have also a xfx 7850 core edition that I hope to run in crossfire down the line
  9. If I have a mother board that requires a 24 pin atx connection and I only have a 20 pin atx connection in currently could this be the reason I get no picture at all from my PC
  10. Sorry evega 600 b1 is the one I can buy right now
  11. I was stumped for day on why I could not get any picture what so ever out of video card, when it worked just fine on stock xps 400 dell computer,but the Asus m4a79xtd evo is a 24 pin atx mobo,i have a 20 pin atx power supply kinda ghetto rigged into a 24 pin atx extension so the extra 4 pins on motherboard are going unused
  12. The only power supply I can afford right now is a evens 600 b1 ,would that do the job?
  13. I am running phenom 2 quad core, radeon 7850 sapphire oc edition,caviar black 1tb,caviar blue 500 gig,m4a79xtd evo mother board,cpu cooler and 4 led fans plus 1 disk drive
  14. Was curious building first right and can't get image as all out of video card everything is hooked up and gets power but no image displays, I'm have a 400 watt 20 pin power supply hooked to a 24 pin adapter to the mono so 4 pins on mono are not being Powered could that be the reason I'm not getting any image
  15. have repeated gpu multiple times ,I have no dvi cable, should I invest in one also,i unplugged power supply took on mono battery for an hour, nothing seems to be working,could I possibly need drivers door all my components have not got any since I have not been able to boot pc
  16. all plugs inserted, as well as power cords have a 6 pin pci hooked to gpu it's getting power both fans are spinning, hdmi cord is plugged into gpu
  17. Have all components in case hooked up all have power fans, less,hdds,everything getting power but for some reason when I turn on PC image won't display at all threw gpu, via hdmi, radeon sapphire 7850 overclock edition
  18. I also believe they are both radon cards
  19. There boards look very similar.
  20. motherboard is Asus m4a79xto evo, power supply is corsair 550
  21. I am new to PC building I'm an in the process of building first rig ,was wondering if I can cross fire my xfx 7850 core edition, with my sapphire 7850 overclock edition,cards look similar same size and my motherboard supports it.