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  1. Thanks for the answer. Well i had this issue for a few weeks but it seems like it just works now. I have no clue why. I connect to the fastest server in my country (Austria) so my latency doesnt suffer as much I tried many servers and all my other devices get normal speeds through these servers
  2. So recently I noticed a very strange behaviour on my XPS15. My Internet was painfully slow, i couldn't even watch YouTube at full resolution. Weirdly my Internet behaves normally when I am running my VPN (NordVPN). Speedtest: WITH VPN: 27ms 133Mbps (down) 26,5Mbps (up) WITHOUT VPN: 9ms 20,3Mbps (down) 29Mbps (up) My Internet should do 300 (down) 30 (up) Also when I am starting the speedtest the speed is up there and then rapidly drops down... I really don't know what could cause something like that. I already deinstalled my VPN but
  3. Yeah you know thought bigger is better ...
  4. How can I monitor the exact RPM my PSU fan is running?
  5. I think it was like that from the beginnig. I thought I just configured the other fans badly and I did just gaming so noise didn't really mattered. Now that I am studying it really bothers me ...
  6. It is still under warranty but I don't have enough experience to know it is runniung abnormally. How can i monitor psu fan speeds and what would be abnormal?
  7. So, I built my first PC a few months ago and I just realized that my PSU fan is running full speed all the time. It does so the instant I turn on the pc and it runs constantly at the same speed. It’s a brand-new Corsair VS650 and I am only running a Ryzen 1600 with a GTX 1060. Is there any way to control the PSU fan or is it normal that the PSU is the loudest part of a pc? Also, how do I monitor my PSU fan to validate what I am hearing?
  8. So I've build my first PC earlier this year with a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB as my primary boot drive. I also recycled the 750GB HDD from my broken laptop for mass storage for games mainly. As today is black friday Amazon offers the same SSD for 70€ (I paid double the price for the first one). So I'm getting this one and creating a Raid 0 boot drive with the 2. I've read some topics about it which mostly said its not worth the hassle, but they were mostly from 3 years ago. I know it would be way more pratical just sticking the second one in and call it a day, but it's like overclocking