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  1. Thanks! The one he has is a little bit bulky for my taste but I see that this company has more doorbells that looks like they should have the same posibilities. I totally forgot about Zoneminder! I was playing with it many years ago. Thanks for reminding me about it!
  2. Yeah, that is an option but the thing is I don't want hardware controller and I want to be the one that choose where to save. Doorbells and such are something like standalone devices which is great for me because I can buy one or two and connect the way I choose. My main focus here is actually doorbell with camera with addition of being able to use app for two-way talk and things like that. Security systems are...welll...for security, not exactly to be smart. That's why I've mentioned Ubiquiti doorbell - it's smart doorbell with remote video saving. But it also needs hardware controller as fa
  3. I was watching Linus video the other day where he upgraded his house (again!) to the new version with the doorbell from Ubiquiti and I asked myself: "Why I didn't think about that before? There should surely be some devices that doesn't need remote storage (cloud) to store videos. Right?" So I opened up my search provider and tried to find one...with no luck. I've manage to get handful of doorbells that were using SD card to store videos but I'd rather have something that I could configure to save all the videos (and maybe events) to the server of my choosing. Maybe through Samba or mayb
  4. I was thinking about getting pfSesne into VM (I have server with J1900 running Archlinux) but I read that there's a little bit of performance drop, I'd have issue with adding enough NICs and most importantly - router in this setup is dependent on host stability and I didn't want to risk this dependency. BTW At the moment FreeBSD doesn't handle those NICs poorly but rather won't handle them at all :D. There's no official support (there are some unofficial patches) for any 2.5G and 5G NICs. I know that there's on-going work to add support for I225 chips but I don't even know when that actua
  5. Yeah, you're right. That has more sense. Flow control is enabled on that switch so I assume that's what QNAP meant when they said it shouldn't give any issues. I finally found a way to connect my PC directly to the switch (now there's another one that sits between) so I have to wait for the payout from latest job and here we go with testing. Thanks for the summary I did mostly found them by myself and it's a shame that there's so little devices to choose from. Similar thing with 10G. NICs are so much cheaper and much easier to get on ebay then finding some switch
  6. I don't have experience with speeds exceeding 1G so it's hard for me to guess here...But if I had to, I think both ends should negotiate max possible speeds each can handle and go with lower one. So theoretically there shouldn't be any difference in speeds and thus performance. I talked a little bit with my IT department and they said that there shouldn't be any issues. Maybe you had some unusual issue there? I really hope that's only that I will probably go with that QNAP switch, if I finally find a way to connect my PC directly to it (cables layout issues) so I will report
  7. I've got response from QNAP support. They said that indeed there are possible delays with full buffer but at the same time he said that in home environment it's very unlikely to happen. As for the difference in communication speed between devices - it doesn't matter.
  8. From what I see in specs it's highly possible it uses pause frame by default when needed. I'm trying to find some contact form to QNAP to ask them directly. Thanks!
  9. Hm...That's interesting topic worth of investigation, especially since only two machines in the network will be on 2.5G and the rest will be 1G. Thanks for the tip! I'll search for some info regarding this and also I'll write to QNAP to check what they have to say.
  10. Yeah, I've noticed that...unfortunately. At first I thought that when it finally come out, reviews will point out some competition but for the moment there is none. That's why I wanted to look on used market. But it's very hard to look for anything out there... Thanks for your suggestions. Having more ports gives some flexibility, even if talking about some future upgrades but at the moment I'm really looking for the cheapest possible because I will actually need two switches with 2.5G support - I have issue routing cable to my PC because I made one stupid mistake long
  11. Hi I'm looking for switch that can handle 2.5G. It can be 10G overall but has to be able to properly handle 2.5G because that what my home network will be. It can also be hybrid, where some ports are 1G but I need at least two to be 2.5G+. The only one I found that *is* really cheap (considering overall >1G hardware prices) is QSW-1105-5T from QNAP. I wonder though if there are some other devices? Maybe some used ones that I could look for? I don't mind used ones or Chinese ones. I need it to be as cheap as possible. I tried to look myself but it's really hard if you don't k
  12. Ok...Mikrotik is going down on my list. Now I understand why Linus was so exited with GUI when he change his Mikrotek to some unifi solutions. I do like to thinker with settings but in this case I'd like to have less chance to screw something up. As for Aruba...I think it's something harder to find in Poland. But I'll check them out. Thanks!
  13. Hi Some time ago I wanted to buy a router but talking with people here and there made me realize that having my own setup would have some interesting advantages. A little bit of time has passed and now, after reading some manuals, watching some guides and such (still noob though ) I'm starting to look for specific parts to buy. Router will be based on some used PC parts and pfSense. I will buy 2.5G NIC with two ports for that (Intel based most likely) - this way I'll get three ports - one for WAN, one for WiFi and one will go to the 2.5G switch (probably QNAP's QSW-1105-5T as I don't
  14. After taking some tips here and there, I'm on a crossroads where one direction leads to easier setup in a form of Alphacool Eiswolf 240 GPX Pro M02 which would cost me about 950pln (~212€) with shipping but I'd have to wait almost two months for it. I could also turn into more custom (yet still budget!) loop based on Barrow. As I'm not expert in this topic, below you can find the list I've manage to gather, with hope that you could tell me if it's ok for GPU only loop. BTW everything sits in Fractal Design Define C and the looks are irrelevant - case sits in a place where no one can see it, so
  15. Interesting suggestion! But it's a little bit too much hassle for my taste. Both Eiswolf and custom GPU block are made in a way that I don't have to think about those small things. Just put it there and that's it. I've manage to burn GTX 560 long time ago because I wanted to add custom radiator on it and I don't want to risk this card in the same way.