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  1. I mean if i set V-sync to 120 or 144hz, thanks for the thread
  2. Previously i was streaming in 1080p 60fps but in R6 Siege and F1 2020 if the v-sync was over 60 the stream starts lagging
  3. Hi everyone, The other day i was streaming Rainbox Six Siege, and i was gettin 144 fps as usual (i have a 144hz monitor) but the stream was lagging, so i turn down the v-sync in game to 60 and the stream stop lagging. There is any way to stream the game with 144hz enable? I have a R5 3600, RTX 2060s, 16GB DDR4 set ot 3200mhz I am using for streaming 1080 30fps, 4500 bit CBR, Perfomance setting for the NVENC Encoder I have also another old monitor for the chat and stuffs (it is 1080p 60hz) Thanks everyone and sorry for any errors i am from Italy
  4. Hi everyone, I bought the NZXT case H150, in that case there is a usb-c port on the front but on my mobo i dont have any usb-c header (its a Asus Strix B450-F). There is any possible change to convert the usb-c cable in something and still use it as a usb-c? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, i am going to upgrade my pc with a r5 3600 and a 2060 super, i was wondering if is possible to use 2 GPU (2060 Super and GTX 1050) together. The first one for gaming and the second only to run the 2° Monitor, and like Discord I was planning to buy the MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX Thanks (i am italian so sorry for my bad english)