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  1. so what the access server do?
  2. i want to create my own server....
  3. https://openvpn.net/access-server/
  4. i want to create a vpn server in open vpn it let me to connect only 2 vpn users the is an alternative to open vpn?
  5. if I want to connect to vpn server on the double Nat network I can do that?
  6. the server is set behind double Nat... and I need to connect to the server but the port forwarding don't work... It's possible to make server vpn on the nat isp and the server connect to vpn server that on the double Nat isp? because both of the vpn server is on the local network...
  7. I what to connect to server in the nat isp and the server send the request to the double Nat and I get the information from there The double Nat is in the isp.... Thanks
  8. I have two isp one is a double Nat and I can't port forwarding this connection. in the second I can make port forwarding and I want to connect from this to the double Nat isp how I can make it I have pfsense install... Thank you sorry about bad English
  9. if I create my own vpn server in windows 10 and connect my phone and get my home up what is the benefit of it The site can see my address and know what I search from my PC (server) If someone can explain to me if I wrong Sorry about bad English Thank
  10. i try a lot of port i check that i have static ip.. by the way i can connect to one computer to the port in the wall and the internet work this tell me that have two router one in my home and another outside