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  1. i wont be able to upgrade for like 3-5 years .. will the 1080 help over the 1070ti ?
  2. wont overclocking it reduce its life span and increase heat ? or you mean gpu boost 3 ?
  3. is the 1080 worth it while the 1070ti is around ? the 1080 costs 60-80$ more expensive .. i dont know if its worth it or not
  4. i'm now going with the 1080 as i found its also an overkill and i might upgrade earlier than 4 years anyways the cpu isnt the issue as its a 8700k .. but the question now i found a gtx 1070ti for 500$ and the 1080 is 560-590 .. you think the 1080 is worth it now ?
  5. just 75hz .. so will a 1080 last me a good while or the ti is the way ?
  6. i know both are overkill but i like to max out the game like assassins creed , the witcher and other open world games but , i wont be upgrading for a while *around 4 years* ,, so will the 1080 be enough or i need a 1080ti ?
  7. but is the better cooling worth the extra .5 slot and sacrificing the super duper evga support ?
  8. so that means that the strix is quieter ? or cooler ? because if its cooler with lower noise it means lower fan speed witch if i get the fan speed high enough it will out cool the ftw3 by the same amount lets say at a fixed 70dba the strix will be cooler by the same amount ? or the higher it goes the more the gap shrinks ?
  9. does it have any major issues that gets be to avoid it ? .. i heard that the strix has coil whine or is it fixed by now ? as all posts i saw about the coil whine is 7 month or above old
  10. i really cant find out witch one runs better when it comes to thermals and noise .. especially when i watched gamer's nexus review of both the asus runs cooler by 11c when at the 40dba test .. and 1c at the normal testing .. what is the 40dba test ? and witch one should i go for ? if some one want to check out the review i'm talking about here it is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtEZWFXWqCc at min 9:30 away from customer services witch one runs cooler and quieter ? and what is the 40dba test ? thanks in advance =D
  11. i will =D but is there are major issues with it ? the coil whine and the fan fails is it common or rare ? is there any reason to avoid the strix card ?
  12. that's making the decision a bit harder .. but last question .. witch one should i go with if i want the best temps with the lowest fan rpm ?
  13. i watched it multipule time but i dont understand .. the strix runs cooler but at what fan speed ?
  14. what a shame there are no evga support here where i live .. so you think i should just go with the strix now ? what about the coil whine and the other issues it has .. is it rare or common ?
  15. he said it was running with an aggressive fan curve that the slave bios comes with im not sure about this one