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    Ic3d got a reaction from DataFawks in Best way to push airflow through radiator?   
    I have 4 Arctic p12 PWM fans on a 240mm rad and it cools both my gpu and cpu, gpu at 40 degrees running unigine heaven and the cpu at 70 degrees running p95 small fft stress test after 10 minutes.
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    Ic3d got a reaction from JamesGM_11 in Bottle Necking   
    i use a gtx 1070ti with a 4790 and it works great in nearly all games, with only a slight bottleneck in csgo which is a cpu based game
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    Ic3d got a reaction from Yeet thy feet in gtx 1050 fe   
    There is a founders edition for the 1060 and 2060 as well
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    Ic3d got a reaction from turtles_vrywhr in CLOSED: Want a new case for my pc   
    i have a single fan 1060 and i get about 65-70 degrees but that is is a case with 5 120mm fans so a lot of airflow so if you are getting it for looks go ahead but if you want a new case because your gpu temps are too high, 78 degrees is perfectly safe for a modern gpu. maybe all it needs is a blow out of dust with some compressed air and a brush or a thermal paste change. if you still want a new case i could recommend this (it is what i have) and add some extra fans as i did:)
    i would say it meets all my requirements, such as a psu shroud, good airflow and decent looks all while being cheap, not to mention that it has the blu ray 5.5 inch slot that you need. admittedly the cable management isn't great and there are no rubber grommets on the cable holes but it seems OK to me.
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    Ic3d got a reaction from Hi P in PSU Tier List - Last Reliable Tier?   
    i have a low tier psu (EVGA 500w 80+ white) in my build but it seems to work fine for my build (see below for details), however my case does have a psu shroud and a dedicated psu intake for airflow so it may not be as reliable in your pc if you dont have a case with decent airflow. other than that i would recommend it:)
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    Ic3d got a reaction from 7mtyler in Cable Management   
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    Ic3d got a reaction from Lil Ramen in Why is it so hard to find new old socket motherboards?   
    after the mobo manufacturers stop making them, they get less and less common due to breakage, common faults are: snapping, short circuit, blown capacitors and killed chipsets
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    Ic3d got a reaction from YogiBABA in Which gpu is good for 3d game development   
    For 3d game dev the 8700k would be very good but if you are willing to forgo hyperthreading, the i5 8600k is about $150 cheaper and would still preform very well. For the gpu the AMD RX 580 is what I would currently recommend for price to preformance (assuming you can find one that hasnt been bloated in price by crypto miners)
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    Ic3d got a reaction from Kooper Junior in HP Compaq 4000 Pro - SFF   
    As far as the cpu goes I would recommend the core 2 duo E6700 and as far as gpu goes I would recommend upgrading the ram to 8Gb first and then only if you have the budget go for a gpu. If your budget stretches, the 1030 is excellent for the money but for the same price as a 1030 new you could get a 1050 second hand which would crush a 1030. Also an SSD is very good for old pc's so get a 60Gb ssd for the bood trive to go with the hdd (usually about $30-40)