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  1. @NelizMastr Thanks for your time. I did overclock my CPU to 3.9Ghz. The older version of windows worked perfectly with those settings. I tried resetting my motherboard's settings to defaults, and it just boot up normally.
  2. @NelizMastr Yeah. I've the latest drivers installed from the motherboard manufacturer's website.
  3. Just after I completed my new Ryzen 5 2400G build, I installed Windows 10 1503, and as usual, windows update checked for new updates and started installing the new update to 1803, after updating itself to 1703 ( Don't remember whether it was 1703 but, it started with 17xx). And while the PC restarts itself after update, the screen is split into two, and the second half has a distorted display (I've uploaded the images). Currently I don't have a dedicated GPU , and I'm still on the integrated GPU. While updating through the settings, it shows a error and I used the windows Update assistant to u
  4. @Crunchy Dragon thanks for the quick response. I've never came across the sysprep till now. Could you please explain how to do that or just reply with a link to some article in which I can find all the answers I need as a beginner.
  5. I was planning to upgrade my old CPU , which was running on Windows 10. The processor in use was an Intel Core 2 duo clocked at 3.08 Ghz coupled with a DDR3 1333 MHz RAM. Now I completed my new cpu build, which has an AMD ryzen 5 2400G and I'm thinking of using that old HDD. I've never heard of windows being optimised for a different architecture other than the Snapdragon processors ( I actually don't know if there is something like that. Correct me if there's any.). So can I use that HDD with the new Ryzen processor without formatting the drive ? Or is it a better idea to format the drive a