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  1. Have you bought your phone yet? AFAIK Redmi Note 8 has 720p screen. I don't like MIUI which is infested with ads, so I can't really recommend them. Have you considered Galaxy A50s?
  2. What are the choices if there are no requirement regarding battery life and weight?
  3. Thanks a lot! But does data processing and statistics software doesn't require a beefy cpu like i7 8750H or i5 8300H?
  4. He has no requirement regarding the display. About the ram, is it atleast 8gb? If we are talking about 4gb, then that is a big no.
  5. Since it's for college, the battery should last more than 6 hours maybe (?) Any display size under 17inch should be okay.
  6. My friend need a laptop for data processing and statistics. Good battery life and not too heavy, maximum of 2 kg should be fine I guess. An ssd would be great too. His budget is around Rp 15.000.000 - Rp 16.000.000 (or around 1100 USD). Here is a link to a few retailers here in Indonesia: www.enterkomputer.com/notebook.php https://www.bhinneka.com/jual-notebook-laptop/3450154 https://www.els.co.id/product-category/laptop?product_count=60 Thanks.
  7. If you are going for a xiaomi phone, consider that their stock miui apps contain ads. Yes freakin ADS. And their apps permission thing is weird. For example the weather app request access to my files and ability to making phone calls. So if you consider privacy to be an important thing, then you know the answer. How do I know this? Well I own a xiaomi phone.
  8. Let's hope it does, cause I'm not to keen on plugging in chargers while in class.
  9. Yeah anything over mx150 and i5 8250u is way over my budget. I think I will manage just fine with mx150.
  10. Yeah, egpu enclosure is really expensive. Everything regarding pc is horribly overpiced here in Indonesia.
  11. I agree with you on liquid metal. It's just not worth it on a laptop, and a budget one at that. Unfortunately, I'm a gamer so I need that dgpu. They advertised acer swift 3 as having 12 hours of battery life tho. I guess I'm gonna be fine. The cheapest hp spectre that I can find is Hp spectre x360 g2 with i5 6200u, intel hd 520, 4gb of ram, 128gb ssd and costs around ~870 usd which is way out of my budget. That thing doesn't have tb3 port too. So I guess I'll pass.
  12. Maybe Lenovo's policy is better than Acer. It's a bit silly of Acer preventing users upgrading certain laptops on their own. They ask for ~11 bucks too when doing upgrades (ram,ssd). How stupid of them.
  13. They said something about not having backdoor compartment, so upgrading ram or adding ssd will void the warranty. Meanwhile, the aspire e5 476g has it and upgrading will not void the warranty.
  14. Nah, I don't think it's worth the risk. It's a budget laptop anyway, no need for something fancy.