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  1. Watched most of the Wotakoi live action film. Unless you are really determined to see a nerdy Japanese musical I would say stick with the anime and avoid the film.
  2. I'm not denying that, but that comes down to particular workloads and the optimisations that the developers have made. In cases where both CUDA and OpenCL are properly supported CUDA doesn't have any real edge, but because most of the compute workloads out there are already optimised for CUDA rather than OpenCL
  3. The annoying thing with CUDA is that that it isn't particularly better than OpenCL in terms of actual performance, but because the software out there is almost all optimised for it rather than OpenCL. Which of course leads into the cycle of people that need compute buy Nvidia, so developers target CUDA, so people buy Nvidia, so developers...
  4. Also of note if this is going to be accessible via the internet is whether your ISP provides you with a static or dynamic IP.
  5. Not an odd combo, he is just dressing like a man 20 years older than he is my dad would do the same thing if my mum would let him.
  6. Never had issues with 5700XT under Windows or Linux. Had issues with 5700 at first but they were resolved (and never returned) after updating the motherboard BIOS so I don't think that the card was to blame.
  7. They support Linux now: https://help.backblaze.com/hc/en-us/articles/217664628-How-does-Backblaze-support-Linux-Users-
  8. I knew that would draw someone out And yeah I know what you mean, the days of a series or two a week are far behind me.
  9. Those are rookie numbers https://www.anime-planet.com/users/koeshi
  10. Thanks for all the info. Parts have now been ordered Here's hoping all goes well.
  11. Okay, thats a lot to take in on just cleaning. I take it from the need to not expose nickel and acrylic to aggressive solvents, that the radiators should be filled up with vinegar/water by themselves (like in a bucket/tub) rather than assembling the loop and then flushing it out? Also, is it necessary to clean out the blocks when they are brand new? I apologise for all the basic questions, but I want to be very sure before I get started.
  12. If you haven't already done so, try making sure that "os-prober" is installed and then updating GRUB again.
  13. Okay, thanks, I think I understand that. From what I see the connector that I have is just a pre-made way of shorting the pins. Does that seem right? Sorry for not being clear enough, this is what in mind: pump/res -> fans -> radiator -> case parts are: HEATKILLER 100 (and its fan mounting kit) -> EK VARDAR -> Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 -> case I hope that is clearer, though my take away from what you said is try with the shorter ones first and then switch to the larger ones if needed. Okay, thanks. I'll ta
  14. I have all my parts picked out for my first custom loop, and just want to clarify a couple of details with more experienced people before purchasing. The first is about test running the loop. I know that it is recommended to run the loop for a while (even a day) without the system powered on in order to check for leaks, but I am unclear how that is supposed to be done exactly. I don't believe that even with the pump drawing power from molex that it will work without the motherboard being turned on. I have this from my PSU box that I feel is related: but I would like clari