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  1. Modem is a MOFI NETWORK MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V2, cable is cat 6.
  2. Recently got a new internet service through unlimited-ville. Old was verizon. In short we live where dedicated hotspots are the only decent option. But the modem only supports 2.4GZ wifi and I notice my PC gets slower speeds than my phone. I bought an ethernet cable to hook to but my PC says unidentified network with no internet. I looked into the modem settings a bit but its kind of a nightmare in there so I couldn't find much aid. I made sure both of the ethernet connections are plugged in good and that it was plugged into the Lan not Wan on the modem.
  3. A few days ago, my dell latitude e6530 wouldnt post after I put some different ram in it. I press the power button and nothing happens for about 10 seconds, the fan will spin up and down and the LEDs on the inside start putting out a code. Hdd blinking, battery solid and network solid. Looked it up to find it meant a possible cpu failure. With that, I ordered a working cpu from ebay and put that in. Same thing. I'm not sure what's going on but I'd guess it's the board or maybe the chipset.
  4. I figured as much, I bought a usb to m.2 adapter to use but I bought one that is nvme only, not sata. I'm just hoping I dont run into other weird issues.
  5. So pretty sure I figured out the problem. The the adapter is nvme protocol only, while the ssd is a sata protocol.
  6. Alright, so after unplugging the two. It would go into automatic repair boot and then a black screen. I tried unplugging the working windows install drive but after selecting the wd to boot, it would send me to the bios.
  7. I have this WD sata m.2 drive that is giving me issue. Whenever I put it into the front m.2 slot on my mobo and try to boot off of a perfectly working windows install, windows will stay at the initial screen with the loading wheel spinning. If I take it out, it boots just fine. I went into the bios and disabled everything in the boot sequence except for the other drive with a good windows install. Now the WD drive used to/still does have a windows install on it. Short version is that the main windows files are on the WD drive and the boot files and stuff are on a Seagate 500gb sshd, which afte
  8. -Ok, if I try to boot with the m.2 drive installed, no windows install will work, i dont know why but it wont. It will do a load wheel for a second or two then go to a black screen. With the install media it's purple. The windows install im using currently and install media will work just fine if the m.2 drive is not installed. -The media is from the windows site. -Im using another drive with a working windows install.
  9. So the disk im using is a WD Blue M.2 1TB non nvme drive. I currently have to use a Usb to m.2 adapter to sorta of use the drive. I can't use it in the either of my m.2 slot on my mobo as no windows install will boot, even install media. I don't know why. But the disk needs to be initialized. When I try to do so, I get "The request failed due to fatal device error". The drivers for the adapter are up to date. I tried to use disk part to try and clean the reformat the drive but I get an error, event viewer shows the error, "VDS fails to write boot code on a disk during clean operation. Error co
  10. For the past two weeks I've had problems with my cpu upgrade for my pc, all being blue screens. But today I was setting out to try and find issues with windows. I previously had my cpu set to 3.0ghz to keep my windows stable. I was going to try and start into safe mode and just set my cpu to 4.6ghz. This also what my motherboards auto setting put it to. I did this to be sure weather my there was a corrupt windows files that would cause my blue screen even in safe mode. But after I saved and exit, the pc would be stuck in a power cycle. Judging from the way it was powering on, it was in a const
  11. So about 2 weeks ago u upgraded my cpu from an i7 6700 to a 9700k. Ever since I got it installed I've been having issues with windows. I used to get around the issue if I ran my cpu under 4.0ghz. But yesterday, on Christmas of all things, it got bad. The main stop code I've been getting is "system service exception". I have also gotten others but that was only one time. I also got a new keyboard and rgb mousepad for Christmas, so it may be the issue but I have my doubts. Today, I haven't even been able to get past the login screen before window blue screens. I've tried startup repair but that
  12. I7 9700k Gigabyte Arorus Gaming Pro WIFI z390 I 2x8GB memory running 2133Mgz (not sure what brand but they came out of an HP SFF prebuilt) Msi Ventus OC GeForce Gtx 1660ti (Edit: Lasted Driver installed) Fractal Design Integra 450w Psu
  13. So its been 4 days since I upgraded my cpu to an I7 9700k with a Gigabyte Arorus Gaming Pro WIFI z390 I. At first I have some windows issues but I fixed that i'm pretty sure. But last night I was playing Apex with a friend and talking to him on discord when my PC froze and then blue screened. The stop code was CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT. It got stuck at retrieving data at 33% so I held the power button, probably a bad idea on my part but is was like that for over 5 mins. When I booted it up again the next code I got was 0xc000007b. Turned it off. Going off of my gallery from my phone, next was MAC
  14. Yeah, its activated. No watermark thing. This windows key is voided though. It had originally came off of an hp sff. The modo broke on it so I moved my i7 off of that on an msi board.
  15. Ok, so uh, it fixed it self after I plugged the hdd back in. I'm confused but happy. Now I just need to dial my 9700k to where it wont overload my noctua nh l9i
  16. So I just upgraded from an i7 6700 to an i7 9700k. I also upgraded to an z390 board. Install went fine to no big surprise windows wont boot. Also, I use a Wd 1tb m.2 data ssd for boot. But no big surprise to me that windows had stroke. At first it gave me the code 0xc000000f. But I also had plugged in my 2.5 data hdd. So I unplugged it and the m.2 was alone. I plugged in a flash drive with windows install files to use startup repair. Said it could find any problems. I then went to the recover section but that said no windows installation was found. I shut the pc down and unplugged the flash. I
  17. So I've really been needing to upgrade from my i7 6700. I was originally going to go with an R5 3600 with an asus x570 board. But with the recent stock and price hikes ryzen has seen, and the i7 9700k being really cheap now I've been set on getting it. I currently rock an SFF build using a Fractal Design Node 202. And then an L9I for cooling. Since the 9700k sucks down 95w it's been a little conterning. I'm most likely going to down clock it to around 4.2 or so to get it down to around 65w. Mainly just wanting to see what everyone else thinks.
  18. So I cant use my pc for discord so right now I use my phone. But the mic doesn't work. So I use a pair of sony mdr6500bt's. But the quality when in call is terrible, I cant stand it. I've looked up ways like using dev tools and hd voice in advanced calling. That wont enable for some reason. Now the phone I have does not work as a phone. It has no sim card. So this might be the reason for not enabling hd voice. I've tried tinkering with dev tools codec and sample rates but no improvement in calls. Any ideas for this. The phone is a galaxy s9 with android 9.
  19. And yes I could do that as I brought my router. Idk how to though. I'll look it up.
  20. Oh wait another detail. His windows in NOT activated.
  21. So my friend and I were wanting to transfer his fortnite files to my pc so we wouldn't have to use his data. His external drive wouldn't take 4gb files and there was a bunch of important stuff, so couldn't reformat it. So I have a 500gb hdd that I pulled out my my pc and into his. Copied the folder and when we went to open it on my pc, the folder wouldn't show. We though it wasn't transferred correctly. Plugged it back into his, it was there just fine. Messed around with sharing and then put it back in my pc. Nothing. I've tried showing hidden folders in the file explorer settings but no use.
  22. So I have been wondering using ue4 if I would be able to implement ray traced lighting into it without an rtx gpu. I have a 1660ti. I know previews wouldn't be available. Just curious.
  23. So I just got fallout 4 vr downloaded. And I really honestly cant play it right now. My first issue and main one is the fps, it is locked at 40fps and wont go above this. This SUCKS in vr. Oh yeah, I need to tell you want i'm running. I have an i7 6700, 8gb ddr4, and a 1660ti. And of course the headset is the oculus rift s. I have looked and really couldn't find fixes for it. It is a complete killer of a good experience. Ask any questions you have.