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    Sir Lags A Lot #2040
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    Gaming, game development, content creation, trains.


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    Core i7 9700k
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    Gigabyte Z390 I Aorus Pro Wifi
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    Generic Skhynix 16gb ddr4 @2133mhz
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    Msi Ventus 1660ti OC edition
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    Fractical Design Node 202
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    1TB WD blu M.2 drive + 500gb Seagate HDD
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    Fractal Design 450w Bronze
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    Prim.- Asus Rog XG27VQ 1920x1080 144hz
    Sec.- Dell se198wfp 1400x900 75hz
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    Noctua L9I
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    Asus Rog Strix Flare
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    Asus Rog Spatha
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    Turtle beach stealth 600
    Skullcandy crushers rev. 1
    Sony 5.1 Surround Setup
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Samsung Galaxy s9

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  1. Modem is a MOFI NETWORK MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V2, cable is cat 6.
  2. Recently got a new internet service through unlimited-ville. Old was verizon. In short we live where dedicated hotspots are the only decent option. But the modem only supports 2.4GZ wifi and I notice my PC gets slower speeds than my phone. I bought an ethernet cable to hook to but my PC says unidentified network with no internet. I looked into the modem settings a bit but its kind of a nightmare in there so I couldn't find much aid. I made sure both of the ethernet connections are plugged in good and that it was plugged into the Lan not Wan on the modem.
  3. A few days ago, my dell latitude e6530 wouldnt post after I put some different ram in it. I press the power button and nothing happens for about 10 seconds, the fan will spin up and down and the LEDs on the inside start putting out a code. Hdd blinking, battery solid and network solid. Looked it up to find it meant a possible cpu failure. With that, I ordered a working cpu from ebay and put that in. Same thing. I'm not sure what's going on but I'd guess it's the board or maybe the chipset.
  4. I figured as much, I bought a usb to m.2 adapter to use but I bought one that is nvme only, not sata. I'm just hoping I dont run into other weird issues.
  5. So pretty sure I figured out the problem. The the adapter is nvme protocol only, while the ssd is a sata protocol.
  6. Alright, so after unplugging the two. It would go into automatic repair boot and then a black screen. I tried unplugging the working windows install drive but after selecting the wd to boot, it would send me to the bios.
  7. I have this WD sata m.2 drive that is giving me issue. Whenever I put it into the front m.2 slot on my mobo and try to boot off of a perfectly working windows install, windows will stay at the initial screen with the loading wheel spinning. If I take it out, it boots just fine. I went into the bios and disabled everything in the boot sequence except for the other drive with a good windows install. Now the WD drive used to/still does have a windows install on it. Short version is that the main windows files are on the WD drive and the boot files and stuff are on a Seagate 500gb sshd, which afte
  8. -Ok, if I try to boot with the m.2 drive installed, no windows install will work, i dont know why but it wont. It will do a load wheel for a second or two then go to a black screen. With the install media it's purple. The windows install im using currently and install media will work just fine if the m.2 drive is not installed. -The media is from the windows site. -Im using another drive with a working windows install.
  9. So the disk im using is a WD Blue M.2 1TB non nvme drive. I currently have to use a Usb to m.2 adapter to sorta of use the drive. I can't use it in the either of my m.2 slot on my mobo as no windows install will boot, even install media. I don't know why. But the disk needs to be initialized. When I try to do so, I get "The request failed due to fatal device error". The drivers for the adapter are up to date. I tried to use disk part to try and clean the reformat the drive but I get an error, event viewer shows the error, "VDS fails to write boot code on a disk during clean operation. Error co
  10. For the past two weeks I've had problems with my cpu upgrade for my pc, all being blue screens. But today I was setting out to try and find issues with windows. I previously had my cpu set to 3.0ghz to keep my windows stable. I was going to try and start into safe mode and just set my cpu to 4.6ghz. This also what my motherboards auto setting put it to. I did this to be sure weather my there was a corrupt windows files that would cause my blue screen even in safe mode. But after I saved and exit, the pc would be stuck in a power cycle. Judging from the way it was powering on, it was in a const
  11. So about 2 weeks ago u upgraded my cpu from an i7 6700 to a 9700k. Ever since I got it installed I've been having issues with windows. I used to get around the issue if I ran my cpu under 4.0ghz. But yesterday, on Christmas of all things, it got bad. The main stop code I've been getting is "system service exception". I have also gotten others but that was only one time. I also got a new keyboard and rgb mousepad for Christmas, so it may be the issue but I have my doubts. Today, I haven't even been able to get past the login screen before window blue screens. I've tried startup repair but that
  12. I7 9700k Gigabyte Arorus Gaming Pro WIFI z390 I 2x8GB memory running 2133Mgz (not sure what brand but they came out of an HP SFF prebuilt) Msi Ventus OC GeForce Gtx 1660ti (Edit: Lasted Driver installed) Fractal Design Integra 450w Psu
  13. So its been 4 days since I upgraded my cpu to an I7 9700k with a Gigabyte Arorus Gaming Pro WIFI z390 I. At first I have some windows issues but I fixed that i'm pretty sure. But last night I was playing Apex with a friend and talking to him on discord when my PC froze and then blue screened. The stop code was CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT. It got stuck at retrieving data at 33% so I held the power button, probably a bad idea on my part but is was like that for over 5 mins. When I booted it up again the next code I got was 0xc000007b. Turned it off. Going off of my gallery from my phone, next was MAC