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  1. Hi everyone! just having some issues with my rx580 4gb that I purchased from a miner and he was honest about it being flashed. I re-flash the bios (foced flashed as well) using the rom from techpowerup, made it was the correct bios for my asus strix rx 570 4gb gaming oc but still it cant be used as the main display. but this gpu is being detected in: GPU-Z Device manager (with the yellow icon) Motherboard bios
  2. hello guys!! I have an issue with my pc where it would makes a device or usb disconnected sound then freezes. I already tried to troubleshoot the issue by performing a clean install of windows 10, and using the pc with no drivers installed but it still doing the issue. I've tried to reseat all cables after I've dismantled my pc. Tried to install Windows 10 using just my nvme m.2 ssd, tried using just the hdd as well still doing the issue. the happens when I'm browsing or watching a movie never while gaming. I have no screenshots nor v
  3. I'm using a Ryzen 3 2200g for now to play games and planning to buy a GTX 1070 amp edition from zotac... my question is will it bottleneck my gpu even if the CPU is OC to 3.9Ghz?
  4. Good day, Before I buy I would just like to ask if a NVMe M.2 Gen 3x2 will work on a Mobo that supports "up to Gen 3x4". I just want to be sure because the module I'm planning to buy is a bit expensive here in my country. You can find the module I'm planning to buy and the Mobo that I have below. Thanks to all who would help out! http://www.xpg.com/us/specification/500 - Adata SX6000. https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/AB350M Pro4/index.asp#Specification - Specs of my current board.