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  1. Hi ! I'm an occasionnal streamer, and I've been looking for some light settings in STOBS so I can upgrade from 30fps to 60... I don't understand shit about enconding and stuff... Any of you guys can help me out ?
  2. Well, I suppose it was Nvidia screwing me, this ultrabook control pannel is the worst. Thank you for your advice
  3. Hey guys, I'm using an Asus L200HA ultrabook as a secondary for school work. I know it has a decent luminosity when it's pluged in, but, unfortunetly, it is NOT the same when I'm on battery, and, when I'm on the netflix app, the luminosity goes back and fourth pretty weirdly. Do you have any tricks on how to control my lominosity better then what windows usually allows ?
  4. Hi, thank's for you answer ! Unfortunetly yes, I need all of these. For example, when I have something to do with my association, I'm gonna receive a telegram notification, then a zoom notification, and finnaly I'm gonna have to check the facebook sub-group (private and only regarding some people of the association) for more information -and of course the google drive for the online presentations-, as well as checking my e-mails for any last minute news I have to include to the meeting. Fun process, AKA a huge pain in the but. However, I'll check out Thunderbird and Opera (Maybe
  5. Hi, Recently, as a student, I've been stugeling to keep-up with all my social medias feeds to get all the information I need as a student. So, I use Outlook to have my 6 e-mails feeds in one app, as well as my calendar (not the best choice, I hate the app but I didn't find anything better yet), What's app, telegram, and messenger for the diferent groups, and finnaly Linkedin and my schools website to get the "official" informations. Problem is, it is a litteral pain in the ass too switch between apps, espacialy since some of them (like facebook) don't offer a decent PC app.
  6. It finnaly worked ! Thanks so much for your help, have a great day my saviour ! XP
  7. Did everything, but it still wont detect the 6 cores into windows even though the BIOS detects the cores... Maybe it is because I have 2300HZ memory ?
  8. Should I also remove the CmOS battery for a few minuts ?
  9. Hi, I have recently upgraded my system with a 1660, 8 more g of ram, and a core I5 9400F. Problem is, even after flashing my PRIME H310M-K (asus compatible motherboard according to their website, even though the box onbly says it's 8th gen compatible), my CPU will show up as 4 cores 4 threads (istead of 6)
  10. That's why I came to you guys x) So, I unfortunetly don't have my psu with me, but I can tell it's a VS450 from corsairs from the photos I have
  11. Hi, I have a 450W PSU (corsair), and I'm wishing to pair it with a i5 9400F and a 1660, with 2 sata 7.2Krpm, 2 monitors and the basic mouse and keyboard. Is it enough or should I consider an upgrade ?
  12. And the i5 9400F is 160 bucks, so it's complety within range, I'll look into a few benchmarks and consider it as option 1
  13. Hi, Around here, the 1060, the 1660, the 570 ans the 580 will be around 250 to 300$. They are all good options, the fight is more about 1660 or 580 condidering their better performance. Should I trade the 10% increase in raw performance for 2g VRAM ?
  14. Hi, I've recently been looking into an upgrade for my pretty light pc. Rn, here's what I'm rocking with : -i3 8100 -GT 1030 2G GDDR5 -8G DDDR4 -450W PSU So, my biggest upgrade is probably gonna be my graphics card (even though I'm probably gonna grab another 8g stick of ram on the way), and I was thinking of something like a 1060 6g. This build is meant to be used in games like GTA (Five M), R6 siege, Civs and light content creation. I was thinking that getting an upgrade on my CPU was also a good idea, but I have no clue of what to go for
  15. Hello guys, I was working on a light introduction video for a project of mine. The clip is 2mn44, 720p 60fps. But when I render it, it shows 25go. Is this normal ? ^^^ I will link my settings bellow :)
  16. Hi guys, Quick question : I wanna buy a new case, which includes 3 120mm fans. Problem is : my micro ATX board only has 1 3 male pin connector. Do they draw their power from the already existing case to motherboard connections or do they each require a 3 pin connector ? Best regards, Reddox.
  17. Hi, I've tried to lunch my PC in safe mode, and I got an error message while trying to lunch steam : " steam must be online to update". Another weird thing is that, as you saw erlier, my steam has no updates to do, but it still updates every single time I open it. I've reseted the steam file settings back to normal and nothing changed...
  18. Hi guys, Recently, I tweeked my very old PC to get a bit more juce out of it. Everything is working fine, but one thing changed. My steam stopped working properly. What I mean is that steam is still able to download updates and I can still play them, but it considers me as "offline", the pages aren't loading and I can't go back to "online". I've linked you some photos down bellow so you can understand the situation. I did changed a few settings in the steam native file, but I've reinstalled it, installed every update possible, and it still doesn't work... Any ideas ?
  19. Thanks for your advice guys; I will ask you again if I need any further assistance (BTW : sorry for my terrible english, I'm french <3 )
  20. That will not be a problem. I run both w7 and w10 because of compatibility issues with my controller
  21. Since I don't need high performance atm, what motherboard / ram would you advice ? The idea is to upgrade when I will have the needs of great performance.
  22. The only problem with your solution is that the prices are not correct If I want to buy a 1050 TI, it will cost me at least 160$. Any 8g ram cost around 60$ and I doubt I can find a CPU + a motherboard for around 80$. Do you have any exemples of a adequat sandy bridge system ?