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  1. The cpu seems good enough considering the butload of power this 2012 game sucks. Perhaps you would have an idea of a GPU that could get aloungh with it ?
  2. Right. Do you a specific one in mind ? I guess 50€ is enough for an 8g stick considering the prices rn
  3. Budget (including currency): 200-300€ Country: Belgium Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: GTA V (Five M) Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Actual build : Radeon 550; 8g DDR4; i5-2400; 550W PSU Considering the budget, my friend would probably just need a new GPU, CPU, and another stick of RAM. Any thoughts ?
  4. Hi, I've resolved my first problem, but, for the second, let me share the example : So, the idea is that when someone enters a name IN the spredsheet, the sheets indexes all lines where the name appears. Unfortunetly, I have no other choice then using a spreedsheet
  5. Hi, For roleplay, I've been constructing a Criminal Record on Google Sheets. Agents use a google form which response is sent to a google sheet. I would need youre help with two things : 1- or statistics purpuses, i'm looking to run a command to know how many people were arrested in a zone. For now, I use "=NB.IF(E3:E502; ">=1000 ; <2000")" , of my database, but it doens't work. 2- To simplify their work, I would like to create a sheet where they enter a name, enter and the sheet would show all entries under that name, with a reset button. Do you have an
  6. Hi ! I'm an occasionnal streamer, and I've been looking for some light settings in STOBS so I can upgrade from 30fps to 60... I don't understand shit about enconding and stuff... Any of you guys can help me out ?
  7. Well, I suppose it was Nvidia screwing me, this ultrabook control pannel is the worst. Thank you for your advice
  8. Hey guys, I'm using an Asus L200HA ultrabook as a secondary for school work. I know it has a decent luminosity when it's pluged in, but, unfortunetly, it is NOT the same when I'm on battery, and, when I'm on the netflix app, the luminosity goes back and fourth pretty weirdly. Do you have any tricks on how to control my lominosity better then what windows usually allows ?
  9. Hi, thank's for you answer ! Unfortunetly yes, I need all of these. For example, when I have something to do with my association, I'm gonna receive a telegram notification, then a zoom notification, and finnaly I'm gonna have to check the facebook sub-group (private and only regarding some people of the association) for more information -and of course the google drive for the online presentations-, as well as checking my e-mails for any last minute news I have to include to the meeting. Fun process, AKA a huge pain in the but. However, I'll check out Thunderbird and Opera (Maybe
  10. Hi, Recently, as a student, I've been stugeling to keep-up with all my social medias feeds to get all the information I need as a student. So, I use Outlook to have my 6 e-mails feeds in one app, as well as my calendar (not the best choice, I hate the app but I didn't find anything better yet), What's app, telegram, and messenger for the diferent groups, and finnaly Linkedin and my schools website to get the "official" informations. Problem is, it is a litteral pain in the ass too switch between apps, espacialy since some of them (like facebook) don't offer a decent PC app.
  11. It finnaly worked ! Thanks so much for your help, have a great day my saviour ! XP
  12. Did everything, but it still wont detect the 6 cores into windows even though the BIOS detects the cores... Maybe it is because I have 2300HZ memory ?
  13. Should I also remove the CmOS battery for a few minuts ?