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  1. maybe the game is not balanced/adjusted for hardware that you have, it happends in some games, like i got a gtx 1060 and new cod bo4 on low settings gets me 50-60fps and it crashes like every 45minutes.
  2. I mean, i like gigabyte myself, and have some of their stuff but with my experience with them you need to prepare for a little bit of troubleshooting, nothing much or hard but not all of it will go as planned from first second, but thats why they are cheap. When getting a gpu you also need to look at its speed, card you put is 1,518GHz, and as lowest price it has one of lower speeds, i mean you should be fine with most if not all games with any 1080ti and 0.050ghz is not a huge deal of diffrence. but how big is your case, do you have any fans in it, if its smaller and you dont have any fans ge
  3. welp 1080ti is an 1080ti... allof their PCBs came from nvidias founders edition. Some developers might make the a little bit better but 1080ti-s are mostly same (to my knowlege). only thing you need to worry about is overclocking potential and cooling. Just look up rewievs on 1080ti-s that are right price for you and oen with best cooling is one you choose
  4. i just saw this thread, im planning on getting i5 8600k (i5 9600k if it preforms well and is not that much more expensive than 8th gen) , is cooler master masterliquid lite ml240L RGB (link: https://www.amazon.it/Cooler-Master-MasterLiquid-Raffreddamento-MLW-D24M-A20PC-R1/dp/B075YPG52N/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1535881973&sr=8-8&keywords=cpu+cooler) good with this processor? im planning on overclocking to like 5ghz or something like that.
  5. depends on the size of the graphics card, you need to see its dimensions
  6. New minecraft shouldnt need java to run.. but it depends what minecraft version and how you are playing cause it realy actualy in some cases can be heavy on your pc... If you have a modpack like crazyercraft you should expect lag, but you migh be lagging just cause of your internet. As an guy that has 8+ years of minecraft in him i can tell you that if you have any huge cactai farms ,a lot of items on ground and stuff like that (especialy with shaders) you are going to lag. You are probably using newest launcher, so what you need to do is go to launch options, select your version profile,
  7. maybe internet cable is broken in some way adn when it moves just a little bit it doesnt work, then it moves back and works... had something like that with my phone charger.
  8. I am looking to upgrade my pc motherboard and cpu, i am gonna get i5 8600k and i was thinking about getting aorus ultra, but then saw some rewievs that say its vrms get realy high temperatures (100C +). Now i look at it back again and a "newer" review wich didnt even talk about vrm temperatures, looked in comments ,someone asked about vrms and he said that he didnt have any problems and that with new bios update it was fixed. Does any1 have gaming ultra and can tell me about it so i know do i get it or gaming 5. Thanks
  9. yea my goal was for my pcs fans and rgbs to be same color, even tho it is not solution i wanted thanks
  10. I got cmt 520 case and 4 rgb fans with it. curently im controlling them with fan controller i got with my case and a button on it. i am gonna get aorus z370 gaming 5 motherboard and want to connect them to it but fans are connected with 6 pin and motherboards have 4 pin connectors. Can i buy some adapters so that i can controll them with my motherboard?? And i currently have msi h110m gaming motherboard with cople 4 pin case fan conectors, can i connect them to it in the meantime. Thanks
  11. I saw sword art online anime and rememberd that there are MMO RPG games ... Now im looking for a relevant game in wich i can make a party, play with friend and maybe make some. I searched myself a little bit and found boundless but it is still in early access and when it comes out i hear it will be 40+$ and i dont have much money... So if any1 knows about any MMO RPG game that is hopefuly free to play but ok to 20$ tipe in comment or suggest me something :D. thanks
  12. @Stefan Payne I live in Croatia,i had that psu for a year now and all was/is ok XD....The new gpu is still in the box, cause i dont want to risk it. i did a lot of searchin and in my price range in stores here only good psu is seasonic focus plus gold 550w so i ordered it, its t2 on that list and it has 99% good reviews. But tnx for information
  13. yea i am getting seasonic focus plus gold, it is on 2nd tier and from the reviews it is a great psu. Tnx for help
  14. I forgot to say, Aorus gtx 1060 6gb, psu is from Croatia so it isnt well known.
  15. i got my graphics card just now and i dont know should i put it in my pc rn or wait,i have been told that i have a crappy psu so im buying a new one but it will come to the store in a couple of days. Will putting my gpu now with this psu harm it? I got MS platinum 500 v5.Im getting seasonic focus plus gold 550w as i can see that it is realy good. (Got i3 6100,h110m gaming motherboard wich im planning to upgrade soon) https://ms-start.com/en/ms-platinum-500-v5.aspx
  16. ok nice, tnx And just another question, i got my graphics card just now and i dont know should i put it in my pc rn or wait,i have been told that i have a crappy psu so im buying a new one but it will come to the store in a couple of days. Will putting my gpu now with this psu harm it? I got MS platinum 500 v5.Im getting seasonic focus plus gold 550w, i can see that it is realy good. https://ms-start.com/en/ms-platinum-500-v5.aspx
  17. Ok so i am replacing my nvida gigabyte gtx 750ti gprahics card with aorus gtx 1060 6gb rev .2 (meaning 8gbps) and im preety sure that i need to deinstal some drivers. I have in my uninstall or change programs nvida 3d vision,nvida gerforce experience, graphics driver and physX system software. Do i need to deinstall all of them or only graphics driver. Thanks
  18. Is there a save or ok button there? maybe click that ? My things automaticaly save.
  19. Mislim da ću samo seasonicovu od više vati, ima ih u ducanima...
  20. What about this psu, is it good or crap? CHIEFTEC Proton Series, BDF-650C thanks
  21. @jonnyGURU you are looking at 800w titanium version, thisi s 750w gold
  22. yea i think so, i am not thinking about having 2 gpu-s so this is ok.