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  1. Ok, so im planning a build and i wouldnt have enugh money to get my gpu at the same time as other stuff, so im wondering, can i have 2600x on asus rog x470-f without gpu running normaly? Like do i need to have gpu? Ik i wouldnt be able to play games if i could but yea.
  2. Yea that is why im wondering, but cause Corsair has diffrent way of connecting im not sure
  3. Cause ssds have no moving parts they become woren out in diffrent way after usage (manufactuer usualy puts amount of data that can be rewritten). So i am not sure that buying used ssds is the best choice
  4. Im doing a build in wich i plan on controlling rgb stuff in asuses aura sync software (case fans,ram,gpu and mobo are aura sync compatible), Im looking at aio coolers and Corsair Hydro h100i RGB Platinum seems great , corsair vengance rgb is is already corsairs so that is one part corsair. But on corsairs website they only list icue as supported. I presume cause you connect it with internal usb it only can be controlled thru i-cue, but just hoping that it can be controlled thru aura. So can it?
  5. Building a new pc, thinking of asus 1080 and 2700 (2600x mby, depends on price at the time of buying. Gonna buy seasonic focus plus gold, had great experience with it. do i get 550w or 650w? On pcpartpicker it saiz 350w but ik that is a realy bad estimation, Some people have told me that 550w is good enugh .Cause diffrence is 30euros rn i would like to know. Thanks
  6. ik, but when i connect them to the adapter there is the 4pin for rgb control ,to what can i connect that 4pin adapter on the mobo? Im ok with them on the 100%, they are actualy really quiet.
  7. yea, but can i connect it to 12vrgb or does it have to be rgbw?
  8. Im planing on getting ROG Strix X470-F Gaming motherboard. I have cmt 520 case with 4rgb fans that have 6pin connectors, with them i got a cable with 4 6pin ports (for the fans) ,a molex for power and a 4pin to controll rgbs. I know usualy it connects to RGBW but mobo doesnt have RGBW connector. Can i connect the fans to 12vrgb connector wich is usualy for led strips? or some other connector? Thanks
  9. Hey, would NZXT kraken x42 (so 14cm fan and radiator) be enugh to cool ryzen 7 2700 ??
  10. thank you so this is like bottom one from wich im gonna look up fotther for ones with better performance .
  11. yea it looks great... But you can save some money on OS by getting linux.
  12. 1060 would be good but if you can get a nice price on 1070/+ get that. And if you are buying a second hand gpu make sure it was not used for mining
  13. Can masterliquid ml240 lite rgb cool ryzen 7 2700 overclocked to like 4ghz or so (im new to overclocking so not too much and silicon lottery is a thing has a part in it) ? Thanks
  14. so it should be compatible? thank you very much
  15. I curently have 8gigs of crucail ddr4 2133mhz ram. I recently upgraded my 750ti to an 1060 and now i think i should upgrade my ram. cause i have i3 6100 max frequency is 2133mhz but i intend to get i5 9600k/i5 8600k (depends on performace/price stats) and they suppor 2666mhz. in future when prices of cpus and mbs are down cause they rouse a lot... so my question is can i get something like https://www.uzishop.hr/ddr4-memorije/17472-crucial-ballistix-sport-lt-gray-8gb-ddr4-2666-.html Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB 2666 and set it in bios to 2133mhz so that it works with cpu (and with other ram
  16. i would sell my soul for that setup, yea it is all great.
  17. put your gpu first on closest pci slot to your cpu so that it has the fastest connection, then with a capture card and that stuff
  18. you should get like an 1tb hdd 7200rpm for videos and that stuff that you just want to have and will not use all the time, an ssd that is like 480gb for your games, that should be planty in storage department. About processor yea i think you should wait 9th gen and get i7 9700k , in my oppinion unless you edit videos and want them edited fast you dont need an i9. About ram you should get like 32gb (you realy need that much more and you would be fine with 16 but 32 is better) of at least 2933 mhz. You said you are getting 2080ti so thats ok in gpu part. Cause that will be an i7+ you would be be
  19. it is not that much faster and as i said the cheaper one should run all games no problem and in my eyes that little bit of more preformance is not worth 100euros more but that is my opinion. i think you should hear what someone else saiz too.
  20. yea thats what i meant, thanks for correction
  21. i would recommend an i5 8500 or better with and gtx 1060 or better, even tho some "lower" end parts have "good vr experience" badge thingy if you want a pc mainly for vr get as i said or better.