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    r5 3600
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    rog b450-e
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    8gb 2133mhz
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    aorus 1060
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    CMT 520
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    toshiba 1tb drive ,kingston a400 120gb, corsair 240gb ssd
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    seasonic focus plus gold 550w
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    2 random 60hz
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  1. I am learning python turtle and im trying to make a cps tester. I did everything but it starts going when i start the program. How can i make it start after i click? Thanks So that the post looks clean i put the code in a text document cps tester.txt
  2. I am new to coding, we are learning it slowly in school and for the end of the year we need to make a simple click game. I know how to do everything but to make my process quicker i want to know if there is a program that converts a simple picture into raw python turtle code? We are doing it in an online program so i cant just import a picture as background. Thanks
  3. Thanks, i was thinking about something similar when asking this question. Il try that when i have time.
  4. Welp they were included with the case XD... I mean they work ok so i dont have a reason to ditch them or money to buy replacements ...
  5. I have fans that are connected with my motherboard for rgb via a splitter, it has 4 6-pins that connect to fans, 4-pin for rgb that goes to motherboard and a molex for power. My question here is: can i buy something that would connect to my motherboard and to the molex so that i can control the fans? Currently i cannot change their speed. The case and mobo in question are CMT520 from FSP and rog b450-e motherboard.
  6. Hello, i have gotten an Rog b450-e and i have connected my fans to the 12vrgb pins as instructed (and power with molex...), my case came with 4 rgb fans that can use a splitter that connects to the motherboard and that is how you can control the rgbs. I have connected it as in instructions but the fans dont light up, they only spin. The case in question here is cmt520. Any ideas how to fix it? thanks.
  7. Yea while i was searching i found that app but it didnt have that many reviews so i just put it as an solution if nobody says anything. Thanks ,i guess i will try that
  8. My friend has an old samsung galaxy s3, she forgot her password and can't get the data from device. How can she get that data on a laptop ,can she root her phone and remove the password with that new software or does it delete all data when it installs (and where to get that root software)? Any other ways? Thanks
  9. My options are: Patriot Scorch 256GB WD Green 240GB Adata sx6000 lite 256GB Adata sx6000 pro 256GB WD Blue 250GB Which one has best preformance? Thanks
  10. I have a 1060 8Gbps version so yea it doesnt need the x16 but i have only 2 sata devices so if the preformance is the same on both m.2 slots id rather use the m.2_1. Thank you very much.
  11. Thanks, but about the second thing,in the manual it says "When the m.2_2 is occupied by m.2 device, PCIe x16_1 will run at x8 mode" ,doesnt that mean that it will only use first 8 lanes?
  12. Hello, i am planning on buying rog b450-e but i have 2 things im not sure about, when i put the m.2 e key for wireless device support does that take any preformance from first PCIe slot and 2nd question is if m.2 is using sata mode (m.2_1 in this scenario) it will only disable sata6g_5/6 ports, not effect preformance? Thank you
  13. Croatia, but not old enugh for one. I did a rough google search so i know about masterard and sites that transfer but most are fishing and just take your money.
  14. Not where i live sadly... And i want to have that money on my paypal, ?
  15. Are there any real sites that transfer money from paysafe to paypal? I looked a little bit and there are many fishing sites... There is one that has a "youtube confirmation" with couple comments that works but im still not sure - http://payingfastertransfers.onlinewebshop.net/ Does any1 here know any good ones? Thanks