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  1. This is one of the reasons I chose to get a dell monitor. They had an Advance Exchange - Next Business Day Returns when I bought it. So I will get another monitor next business day and have 30 days to return the one I have. You are completely right about quality control but hats off to Dell making sure I don't have to wait around for weeks sending them this one before they send me a new one just to find out it is worse. I will just pray that the next one I receive doesn't have these problems.
  2. I know every panel is different and it's the panel lottery but it's just quite annoying that spending that much on a monitor and I get this.
  3. Yeah I will do that asap. I've never had any problems with backlight bleed before. This is my first IPS monitor so I don't know the severity of mine. How bad would you say it is? I'm guessing there would be a lot worse than me.
  4. I just got my new Alienware AW3418DW monitor but was quite unhappy to find this: Would you say this back light bleed is bad enough to warrant a warranty replacement? I only had the screen about 50% brightness in the pictures and lowering it didn't help either. My question to you is how much is to much back light bleed? This distracts me even when the screen isn't dark. It is especially annoying in the lower left. Changing viewing angles seemed to help a little bit but that isn't a fix because I need to be sitting directly in front of the monitor to use it. Anyway I
  5. Since overclocking voids warranty do you think it is worth delidding to help with cooler temperatures? If I am already voiding warranty why not do that as well.
  6. Ok, so by the sounds of it I should go for the 8700
  7. How beneficial is overclocking. I know it will be different in every scenario but does it really make a big enough difference to comprehend spending that extra couple hundred?
  8. Ok I see. Well do you think it would be a bad idea to get a z370 motherboard now but with a non-k version cpu so it still gives me the choice to change to an overclocked variant cpu instead of replacing the motherboard as well in the future? Or should I just not bother if I don't plan to overclock anytime soon?
  9. Ok, I guess it could be beneficial down the line when the cpu starts to slow down then I can boost it and it will be like a new cpu
  10. I'm guessing that these motherboards are more expensive because they add the feature of overclocking?
  11. Hi, for my new build I'm stuck between getting the i7 8700 and 8700k. I don't plan on overclocking in the near future but I guess it would be nice to have that feature if I ever changed my mind down the line. Will the 8700k get me more fps running at base speeds compared to the 8700? Also what would the difference in heat be? I understand that if you overclock it will get hotter but what about running at base speeds? Will the 8700k run hotter than the 8700? So all in all, is the AU$100 upgrade worth it for the extra features or should I save that money for other components/games? Thanks in adv
  12. I was also thinking of getting a large TV/Monitor (40" or more) for more movies/ps4/light pc gaming while I save my 1440p monitor for my work and more intensive games.
  13. Doom, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Tomb Raider etc. AAA games really.
  14. I only have one monitor at this point (ultra wide) so probably won't have Photoshop open while running a game, but thank you on your advice as I am still considering getting a second screen.