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  1. Consider yourself lucky, idk if 110 FPS is a lot in rainbow since I don’t play it, but I can’t get my 3070 to do over 50% in any title I play and I bet my frames would be way better If I could. 100% is what you want to see.
  2. It’s quite simple really, a combination of gpu shortages and the fact that this card isn’t produced anymore. The 2070 is probably also blown up in price right now.
  3. Drivers are Installed and I’m using ultimate performance plan. I think I may have found the solution, I turned off fast start or whatever it’s called in power settings and so far so good.
  4. I couldn’t load a fortnite game since it was lagging bad, so yes there was a performace decrease and it was very noticeable
  5. I loaded both valorant and fortnite and no change
  6. I have a Ryzen 3700x and sometimes (not always) when I boot the pc the clock speed is stuck at .8-1.3ghz and I don’t know why. Checked my temperatures and they’re fine so I have no clue what the issue is. Can someone help please.
  7. I had some issues when I first got my 3070 also and it seems to be a driver issue. To fix this issue I downloaded the newest studio driver rather than the game ready one and for the most part the issues are gone. I would recommend giving it a try and using that until the next game ready driver is ready. If this doesn’t work I would try and rma the gpu since you may have gotten a defective one.
  8. Yeah this post is kind of old but I figured out the solution. The monitor can’t enter sleep mode, so everytime you shut down your pc turn off the monitor too. Eventually I got a new gpu which either that or a driver update fixed the issue.
  9. So I’ve been trying to use davinci resolve 16 with my new rtx 3070, but it keeps crashing. I hear that using the studio ready driver rather than the game ready driver will fix this. Will using this driver harm gaming performace?
  10. I have xmp disabled, thank you this is the answer I was seeking. I assumed I couldn’t get a better all core clock than PBO.
  11. Simple question. Should I overclock my Ryzen 3700x or not? Is this a good option or should I just let the precision boost do it’s job?
  12. Do you think that this could adjust registry files in a way that would cripple my pc? I don’t mind installing software that adjusts registry files, most programs do that anyway I just don’t want my gaming pc to suffer from FPS drops and performace issues.
  13. So if you’re in college doing online courses right now I’m sure you’ve heard of respondus lockdown browser. I’ve read horror stories on refit about how it messes with your registry and slows your pc down even after it’s been uninstalled and shutdown. My question is, is anyone experienced with this particular software and is it safe to run on my gaming pc. This pc was cheap by no means but it’s all I’ve got for classes.
  14. Didn’t work, may just be a driver issue.