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  1. But do you think it's possible to run it as long as I lower it's power limit (The power limit of the rtx 2080) as it did previously power a 2060 just fine.
  2. I believe I'm using a Corsair cv550 550w 80+ bronze PSU (non-modular)
  3. Is it possible to run a system with a rtx 2080 and a Ryzen 5 3600 on a 550w power supply as long as I lower the power limit on the 2080 using something like afterburner? I do have have plans to upgrade my CPU and PSU in the future but want to start with the gpu as I need a new one because I don't have one at the moment so I need one to get my pc working again.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up, I kept think that by desktop memory people meant like full size ram and not sodimm, thanks for the help.
  5. Hi, I am thinking of upgrading the 8gb of ram in my msi trident 3, it is currently running a single 8gb stick of sodimm ddr4 but im not sure if the ram I current have is a 204 pin stick or a 260 pin stick, I have checked the manual and there is nothing useful there and nothing useful on the official website for my model. Can someone please help? https://www.msi.com/Desktop/Trident-3/Specification
  6. I sadly cannot reinstall GeForce now as it's an issue with trying to sign in to steam on their end and I'm using a Nvidia Shield and I'm trying to see if I can resolve the issue myself
  7. Can someone help me or give me advice to fix an issue I have with GeForce now? I am having an issue with GeForce now where if I try to play any game that's on Steam (all of my games) it connects like normal and takes me into steam big picture where it gives me a prompt within big picture saying "This computer was deauthorized. You must enter a new Steam Guard code to re-authorize it." But when I click the Ok button, it takes me to a blank screen with a faint blue background from big picture, from this point, I cannot do anything to resolve it, I have tried contacting Nvidia but the
  8. I recently installed Windows 10 on my mac via bootcamp and to be honest its more stable than osx but the main issue i am having now is thermal throttling and my macs fan doesn't speed up at all and i thought if i could control the fan speed on my mac i could keep it more cooler and the noise of the fan to my preference depending what i am doing by using custom presets but im not sure what software to use or what software is safe, i used to have smcfancontrol on osx but i had to get rid of it to fix an issue but i dont know if there is any good windows software out there.
  9. I would strongly agree to strode that's think Apple is bad and their support is trash, the "geniuses" are geniuses at screwing you. That's why they called the "Genius Bar" the "Genius Bar"
  10. Thanks for your amazing help and all has went well! Alough so far no watermark has popped up but once it does I have my ways of getting around it without removing the watermark or getting a product key.
  11. thanks for letting me know that, ill probably run stuff in windowed to avoid it getting in my way, ill let you know if all goes well later on
  12. will that watermark appear in full screen software like portal 2, i have never really experienced this on windows myself at all when i have used it
  13. will using this to install windows require any product keys after or during installation and do i use the one that is for my acer