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  1. Its quite similar interms of vrms to the msi x570 creation and also it has 3 m.2 slots as you have mention that you need that and also it has bios flashback feature as well,but this mobo has less usbs compared to x570 creation But Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master has better vrms and is cheaper to msi x570 ace (around 369$ when i checked amazon) and also has more usbs(i should have checked this before sugesting msi ace,sorry bro)
  2. If you really want to use aio then go for corsair h115i
  3. I did some research and to be honestly speaking its not a good deal considering the price you only get 8gb of 2666mhz ram and only 256 GB ssd.But considering today's situation that 1650 super itself is selling for more than 40k retail in India so I think its OK to go with this. My suggestion would be to get 1 tb of HDD (or 512 GB ssd would be even better) and and another 8gb ram of which would give noticeable performance improvement(dual channel). And by the way are you going to buy this from amazon.com? Ig shipping charges would be high.
  4. Hmm...Do You have any other PC with you.
  5. For which website is this prebuilt from?
  6. Hi bro,Let me see if i can make batter config.
  7. Do you have any overclock applied. And it would nice if you can write the specification.
  8. Hi bro,If i am not wrong the single core performance of ryzen 5950x is still better than ryzen 3600. According to me R5 3600 wolud be bottlenecked more compared to 5950x.
  9. Hi bro, Which system are using? And was there any Windows Update recently.
  10. That's weird ,3080 should perform much better than 1650s. Which 3080 are using?And how is temps?.Have You installed the latest Nvida drivers. It would be nice if you share a screenshoot of hwinfo
  11. I did some research and found out that piplus tm had been registered In the name of Tavat Ingenious Products Pvt Ltd which the seller him self so we don't know if the company is manufacturing the pcb or importing for China and sell in India (most probably). And also there is no return/replacement option given. The only positive about this product is the reviews in Amazon but we also know that amazon can have fake reviews as well so I am skeptical about this. If your OK buying this generic PCB then go with this https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08WPXC51X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_9243
  12. Hi bro,Are you sure that your budget motherboard could handle two mid tier graphics card,I am expecting you might face issue or glitchs. Pci-e 1x to 16x have worked in mining specific boards,but I am not sure if it will work on consumer motherboard And I couldn't not find any reliable adapter most of them are off brand parts. Sorry I was not helpful
  13. just a usb flash drive,copy the bios file(renaming might be required),download it from asus website (bios version should be 1804 or greater. (format the drive as fat32)and plug the usb in to port press the button shown above. turn on system and wait till the led stops blinking(sometimes it might vary,check the manual).the moherboard should reboot and you should be able to acess the bios. check this article for more info https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1038568/ Hope i was helpful
  14. Yes this system has overall better value.
  15. I totally agree brother,But best of my knowledge almost all gigabyte PSU are having issue that why I gave him that suggestion. It best to look the PSU tier list .
  16. First of, all the best finding 3070 at this time Think your PC build is perfect but I have some recommendations 1.I think going with gigabyte PSU is ...kinda not great I would suggest going with other brands such as corsair,seasonic etc.Gigabyte is not mainstream PSU company and some people reported (in the internet that gigabyte PSU have some issue). 2.I would suggest you to get 5600x or 5600g(upcoming).
  17. Totaly Agreed brother.Both Zen 2 and zen3 don't oc as well as Intel counterparts
  18. My opinion is that,For many of us gamers crypto is troublesome but we should also remember that not everyone is not a gamer and some peoples job is to do mining crypto for there living.I think we should be respectful to everyones opinion. And I have to say please don't use No one forces you to subscribe to a channel,