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  1. Because *you* don't see a problem means there isn't a problem? Or does it mean you can't see all that well? hmmmm....
  2. CD's are in fact digital and they're only as secure as the company that makes them.... looking at you, Sony!
  3. Thanks. I can't remember if I disabled that or not... although, if I didn't it was because doing so interfered with some other feature I use. Are you saying I can use port-forwarding to mitigate somehow?
  4. Am I correct in assuming that to exploit these vulnerabilities the attacker would have to be on the same network as you?
  5. What is your sexuality? Your sexuality is a small piece of your biology that people make a much bigger deal of than need be...
  6. Seems like a simple enough point... price is the sole reason I'd consider AMD (because performance is "good enough" from a gaming perspective) In fact, I did pull the trigger on a 2700X at one point but seller cancelled the order... which sent me back to the drawing board and I ended going with the best mainstream gaming CPU at the time which was the 8700k.
  7. Said a different way... Animals with an empty stomach = ONE problem Animals with a full stomach = ZERO problems They are quite content when full... Versus.... Humans with an empty stomach = ONE problem Humans with a full stomach = 100 problems See, a hungry person only has one problem to solve. Once they are full, all kinds of drama in their mind appears. This is a product of human intelligence working against itself because most humans haven't bothered to read their users manual. Which is very odd given that w
  8. Do you remember when you were 5 years old and life was fun? Children are full of joy until someone or something stops it. See, this is why you pose such questions.... If you were joyful you wouldn't be stopping what you were doing to ask what the point of life is, would you? Of course not. The question I have for you is this: if your mind took instruction from you, would it be in a blissful state or joyless state? What I am asking is, if you had a choice between being blissed out or depressed, which would you choose? Obviously, you wo
  9. Bringing this full circle, it is unclear to me whether or not social credit will ultimately be anti-consumer or not? For example, will my perfect credit come down a notch or two because I posted a video of myself doing something silly or risky online? Have certain opinions? Or buy certain things? Will there be any way to rectify your social credit score as there is with the current system? Or will it be a means to open up credit to those that otherwise look bad on paper? Both? Time will tell, I suppose. But right now, the idea of it doesn’t s
  10. By the way, @leadeater, have you been keeping up headlines in the US? If so, you’ll know that the furthest thing from the front page headlines is anti-consumer refroms? its pretty wild over here in terms of what is on the collective consciousness of the nation at the moment
  11. While you are right about all that, it is a whole separate topic. Bottom line is that since the “anti-consumer” practice of standard 90 day or 1 year warrantees are the status quo here, CC companies have filled a void and I’m glad they did.
  12. Incorrect, my friend. They can and do this quite regularly. They have teams of people, focus groups, 3rd party consultants, and all sorts of money being thrown at finding the value added services that will differentiate their company from the rest of the pack. And, no, your country has no reason to apologize for being a great example. However, now that you clued me in to this, it does make a little more sense as to why my counterparts below the equator in that half of the world often pay higher prices than over here. I believe someone in here at some point did say “nothing i
  13. That’s the thing... I’m not making any indictments on what should or shouldn’t be. Only what is. Any company can employ any value added service they want. Doesn’t matter what it is or why there is a need for it in the first place. They do this to gain competitive edge and is ultimately a good thing for consumers.
  14. In principle, it is simple. And I haven’t said a single thing about buying excess stuff. Just stuff you would otherwise be buying anyway. Spending more than you otherwise would is a separate issue and, I agree, that’s bad news. Rewards accrued, however, allow a random splurge here and there or more savings. May be true debit cards have similarly structured rewards. I have never once used one. That’s great and glad that works for some. (Still have overdraft penalties to worry about, though...) Rewards themselves are not detrimental to consumers (unless