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  1. After several nights of beating my head against the wall.. I decided to jump to an EVGA G3 850 PSU - which fixed my issue.
  2. Murilo_A -- changing each variable separately and leaving the other one factory default - I was only able to get -0.130V off my CPU before the system would crash. I turned my GPU down to 40% (couldn't go lower) and ran BF4 ultra 4k and was getting 44fps. I'll do a longer test tomorrow.
  3. The PSU is a Corsair 1050W HX 80+ Gold Module -- Purchased Jan. 2014.
  4. Over the last month my computer started restarting randomly during gaming (latest drivers, windows installed ~year ago). Unable to identify what is wrong with my machine I started stress testing to see if it is hardware related. Over the course of 2 weeks I used the following in 10-15 minute increments; Memtest86 being the only one that was ran for 1.5 hours... Aida64, Benchmark Valley, Memtest86, and Prime 95 - no restarts or errors - temps were all normal as well. After discovering that if I spun my character in Heroes of the Storm my computer would restart. I tested it 10-15 times and every